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Bolt The Coil Bracket And Coil To The Block, The - Goes To The Distributor The + Hooks To The Ignition.

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Q: How do you hook up the ignition coil on a chev big block?
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Where is the ignition module on a 1999 Buick park avenue?

under the coil pack in the engine compartment. The coil pack is where the plug wires hook into it.

Where does the ignition coil and ignition module hook up on a 1998 mercury villager wagon?

Those components are part of the distributor and are inside it. They are not available as separate parts.

What is the 1 on ignition coil on 97 pontica firebird 3.8L?

Its the 1st igntion coil. V8 have distrubutors which is kinda the same your spark plug wires hook up to them.

How do you replace the ignition coil in 1991 Acura Integra and where is it?

The ignition coil is located under the distributor cap. There are a couple screws holing it in and a couple of wires. Just make sure the battery is diconnected first. Make sure you hook it back up the same way.

Where do you hook up the tach wire on the coil of your 92 thunderbid 302 engein?

Hook it to the negative side of the coil.

What wire do you hook to on the distributer or coil to hook up a tach?

You would hook to the negative side of the coil. Some HEI distributor caps are marked "tach".

How do you hook up an MSD ignition to a 350 Chevy?

It is long as you have the right one.....on my 350 the ignition coil was located inside the distributer cap, easy enough, you just take off the 2 bolts and unplug

How do you test a ignition module on 1992 Honda civic?

Many autopart stores have a machine to test it. The machines use a universal adapter to hook into the ignition control module. The ignition control module is in the distributor. If you mean the part that contains the ignition coil, when mine went bad I probed it with an ohmeter and then asked the parts store if I could test the resistances in a new coil before I bought it. Since the resistances of certain terminals weren't even close, I knew I had a bad coil.

Why will a Hyundai excel turn over but not ignite?

check fuse for fuel pump and ignition, also make sure your immobilizer is ok,,,,sometimes they hook them up to the coil,,,,which means,,,no spark

How do the wires hook up to the coil in a 1969 Chevy Camaro with a condenser?

The negative side of the coil is connected to the breaker points and condenser. The posotive side comes from the ignition switch. And the center terminal is connected to the center terminal of the distributor cap. ID REPLACE IT WITH A HEI MUCH BETTER THEN A POINTS SYSTEM.AND IT ONLY HAS ONE POWER WIRE TO HOOK UP.

Where do you hook a chain on the rear of a 1997 Chev Lumina to tow it?

Anywhere BUT the control arm. I did that and it ruined my car.

How do you hook a tachometer on 2001 mustang 4.6?

need to know where to hook coil wire is all i need to know.

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