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You can't it is always the same. You only use the blue flame to heat things because the yellow flame is the safety flame and the blue flame is hotter.

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Q: How do you increase the temperature of a yellow flame coming out of a busen burner?
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What is the maximum temperature that can be achieved by the yellow flame of a Bunsen burner?

With oxygen closed off and a yellow flame the temperature is about 1000 degrees Celsius.

What is the temperature of the yellow flame on a Bunsen burner?

950 degrees to 1000 degrees, ok, i hope u have fun dude

When do you get yellow soot in the burner flame?

Yellow soot is obtained when the holes of the burner are not clean. The combustion is incomplete. The yellow soot or yellow flame is because of unburnt carbon particles.

How hot can the yellow flame get on a Bunsen burner?

As hot as yo mam in a oven with ya dad and a finger licking kfc bargin bucket full of diamond encrusted platapus and you are a flamingo man boris johnson will be king! BACON!

Why is the yellow flame not used to heat glassware with a Bunsen burner?

The yellow flame, with a temperature of max. 300 0C, is used only for the functionality checking of a Bunsen burner. The temperature is too low for heating in many experiments. This is also known as a Dirty flame because of its tendency to cause soot buildup.(you can see this phenomenon in a gas fireplace that is set too high.)

What is the yellow flame used for in a Bunsen burner?

As a safety flame, keep it on this if the burner is not in use :)

Is the temperature of Bunsen burner flame 750 to 950 degree celsius?

No. The lowest temperature , with oxygen closed off and a yellow flame , is about 1000 degrees Celsius. With oxgen feed open temperature of the flame can reach 1300 degrees.

Which flame on a Bunsen burner is silent?

The silent flame on the Bunsen burner is the yellow/orange flame.

How is the color of Bunsen burner related to its temperature?

Yellow to orange at low temperatures (300-400 0C) and blue at high temperatures (500-700 0C).

What is the coolest flame on a Bunsen burner?

yellow flame

What is the colour of a cool Bunsen burner flame?

It is yellow.

Why is there a yellow flame on the Bunsen burner?

The yellow color is from the incandescence of not burned soot particles.