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== == == == * Eat a meal about every 3 waking hours (5 or 6 meals per day). You will not be eating more food; you will simply be spreading it throughout the day. Each of those 5 or 6 feedings should contain at least 15 grams of unprocessed protein (from natural sources) for a female or at least 20 grams per feeding for a male. Drink plenty of water. Increase your intake daily until you are consuming at least 3 quarts daily--and one gallon daily would be better. Begin two kinds of exercise, namerly cardio and strength training. To increase metabolism to the maximum you should do both cardio and strength training. * Eat just a little about every two or three hours. Tell yourself that you do not have to wait very long before you get to eat again. By the second or third day or sooner, your appetite will shrink. Make everything you eat count. Don't eat sugar or diet products. Use olive oil when cooking, no fried or fast food and try some low-impact exercise, like walking or swimming and be committed to getting healthy. The number one thing I know is that you need to eat frequent smaller meals. It is key to your success. * Just a side note...Cutting back on what you eat is one thing. Putting your body into an actual starvation mode is another. This will actually cause it to begin storing fat. Even though you may be doing it to lose weight, your body only sees it for what it is, food deprivation. Storing fat is the natural defense against starvation.

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Q: How do you increase your metabolism if you are in the starvation mode and keep gaining weight?
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Why is your dog not gaining any weight?

Maybe it has a high metabolism.

How can you increase your metabolism-?

To increase your metabolism, eat foods that require extra energy to digest. Having a diet high in protein can increase your metabolism as your body burns twice as many calories digesting high protein foods.

What eating disorder involves self-starvation and a fear of gaining weight?

anorexia nervosa

What is The intense fear of gaining weight associated with voluntary starvation is known as?

Anorexia / Bolemia

To prevent obesity does a person need a high metabolism or a low metabolism?

The faster your metabolism, the more you can eat without gaining weight. So, in order to prevent obesity, you need to keep your metabolism going as fast as possible. You can increase your metabolism by exercising, eating regularly and by avoiding starvation & fad diets. You need to eat healthy, natural foods as well as possible, as many processed foods may contain ingredients that can disturb the balance in your endocrine system.

Why can a marathon runner eat over 6000 calories a day and not put on any waight?

Well runners build up a metabolism and they burn off the calories instead of gaining the weight. Well runners build up a metabolism and they burn off the calories instead of gaining the weight. Well runners build up a metabolism and they burn off the calories instead of gaining the weight. Well runners build up a metabolism and they burn off the calories instead of gaining the weight.

What are signs that your metabolism has speed up?

Eating more while not gaining any weight.

How does the metabolism effect you?

It effects your physical appearance greatly: -people with a low metabolism are most likely to be fat or gain weight -people with a high metabolism are most likely to look skinny and have difficulty gaining weight Your metabolism is what regulates how easily you burn calories!

Going on and off starvation diets will hinder long term weight loss because?

hinders nutrient metabolism

How do you gain weight if you have hyperthyroidism?

With hyperthyroidism, you don't gain weight because you have a fast metabolism. so instead of gaining the weight you want, you might actually be losing it.

What is The eating disorder characterized by voluntary starvation and excessive exercising because of an intense fear of gaining weight is?

Anorexia Nervosa

What would happen to your weight if you did not exercise?

It would increase slowly, depending on your metabolism.

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