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Install Win XP on the first hard drive, then install Vista from Xp and on question about "what kind of installation do you want to have?" Answer "separate" installation. When it asks you "which hard drive are you going to use?" Choose the second one. Vista will create a boot list automatically.

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Can you install a Windows 7 Ultimate on a computer running XP or Vista?

yes i can install

How can i upgrade my windows 7 basic OS to ultimate?

To upgrade the windows 7 basic operating system to ultimate you have to install the windows 7 ultimate.

Can you install the Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade from Windows XP?

Yes, but it is highly not recommended as if you are running XP your computer will not be powerful enough to run Windows Vista Home basic or ultimate if you do install you could end up doing serious damage to your computer and may struggle to downgrade back to XP as your computer probably won't be able to start up. Note: If you computer has a label on it "Windows Vista Compatiable" your computer is likely still not to be powerful enough. You should run Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor from to find out whether you computer is powerful enough.

Can you install DVD games on windows vista ultimate?


How do you install oracle 8i in windows 7 ultimate?


How can you change from Windows 7 to Windows XP?

If you have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate you can install Windows XP Mode. Or if you want to downgrade you can do a clean install of Windows XP with an installation disk.

Can you install windows xp on a windows 98 computer?

Yes You can install both windows 98 and winxp in different partitions

Can you install the Windows Vista ultimate upgrade from windows 98?

No. Upgrades are only supported from Windows XP. You would need to do a clean install to upgrade from 98, ME, or 2000.

Which computer would you install Windows AIK?

Technician computer

Which edition of Vista allows you to install a language pack by using Windows Update?

Windows Vista Ultimate

Which editions of Windows 7 allows you to install a language pack by using Windows Update?

Ultimate and Enterprise

How do you install windows XP on a computer using linux?

The easiest way is to install Windows first, then install your distribution of Linux second.

Can you install windows movie maker xp on Windows 7?

If you are running Windows xp mode on Windows 7 professional, ultimate, or enterprise

Which type of Windows home software easiest to install on a mac computer?

Any of the windows vista programs are perfect for the mac computer and are easy to install.

How much does it cost to install windows on your laptop computer?

It depends on which version of Windows you want. They all vary by how advanced they are. The newest Windows 7 Ultimate is about three hundred dollars just for the program. My friend installed ours for us.

Windows xp upgrade DVD you are curently using windows 7 ultimate RC Which windows 7 upgrade do you need to purchase?

It can be any version of Windows 7 (Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate) but if you want to keep your stuff buy an 'upgrade' version of the DVD. If your computer has become unstable, or cannot boot into Windows, choose the full install as this will install a fresh copy onto your computer. (Only choose this if you want to wipe all the stuff off your hard drive) but if you do all your stuff will be in a folder called Windows.old I recommend Windows 7 Ultimate but it is the most expensive option. Windows 7 Starter is the cheapest but doesn't have the full features of Ultimate. Most people go for Home Premium. (I've got Windows 7 Ultimate Beta)

Can you install Windows XP on a Windows Vista computer?

Yes. You can dual boot both operating systems at once. Or you can install Windows XP over Windows Vista

Which edtition of Vista allows you to install a language pack by using Windows Updates?

windows vista ultimate also windows vista enterprise.

Can you install Halo on a computer with windows vista?

no and yes

How do you ruin a computer completely?

Install windows on it? =P

What is the minimum amount of ram needed to install windows vista ultimate edition?


Why can't the computer find the internal sound card after reinstalling Windows XP?

Because you need to install a driver for the internal sound car. Check the motherboard manufacture website for new drivers. If I don't know what card I have, or where it's located, how do I know which driver to install?

How do you install Windows XP on an external hard drive?

You'd do it the same way you would install windows on an internal hard drive. Nothing really changes.

What is the procedure to install windows in computer?

Installing windows need to specify the Version of windows as Microsoft the Owner of Windows Operating System has changed eventually the way you install the respective version of windows

Can you install windows xp home edition on a computer with windows 2000 pro?

Yes, you can.