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XP is

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Q: How do you install XP on a different hard drive in your computer and delete it from the current one?
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How do you fix a computer virus if you can not log in?

go to and install it and then install spybot and do a computer scan and viruses will pop up press delete and then their gone

Will all your songs delete if you install a new iTunes?

No Itunes backs it on somewhere on your computer I believe.

How dafuq do you delete system32?

unmount the drive (sys partition) (hdd) using a different computer. Then delete it.

How do you delete duplicate pictures from your computer?

You would install any of a number of duplicate file finder utilities.

Will using recovery discs delete the files?

If you run Install then Repair it shouldn't delete files in "My Documents" (at least it didn't when I did it recently). If you run Install then Install it will delete the files.

If you uninstall your external hard drive from your computer will it delete the files on it?

no! the memory will be stored till you install next time.

How could you delete songs from ipod using different computer?

hook it up to the computer with the ipod cord.

How can you delete a program that wont delete?

One should not delete a program,programs can never be deleted they should always be uninstalled.Deleting a program can never help because if you delete a program u will not see it there but it is used by the computer or system.When you uninstall a program it is totally removed from the computer and is never used again unless u install it.

Can you switch 64 bit to 32 bit on computer?

Yes. You need to have a disc that can install the 32-bit version of you operating system and do a clean install (that is, it will delete everything on your computer and give you a fresh installation of the operating system).

What should you do delete your antivirus before installing a new one or install first?

Install first,then delete.

How do you delet a virus from your computer?

It depends on how bad the virus is, if it is really bad you should delete your operating system and then re-install it.

Delete Google Chrome from your computer?

delete google chrome from my computer

How do you delete from a partition with XP on both partitions?

First you need to download a partition manager and then install it on your computer. You need to choose the ones that support you delete partition with XP. Do you think so?

How do you delete photos off your ipod if your computer is not an apple computer and you do not have iphoto?

u delete it by pressing the "DELETE" button

How do you delete the browser history on a windows computer?

On a windows computer, you can have different internet browsers. These browsers have their ways of clearing the history.

How do you delete Windows XP from your computer?

It's not a simple 'delete', since Windows XP is what is running your computer. Without it, you cannot access anything. The only way to get rid of Windows XP is to install another operating system, such as Windows Vista or Windows 7.

What does worms do to your computer?

It's basically a virus, each one is different but once inside your computer they can change, corrupt, delete etc. a file or the entire computer.

How do you delete Internet Explorer 8 shortcut and get back the original?

You cannot. Internet explorer 8 shortcut is permanent once you install it on your computer

If you install iPod software will it delete your music?

No, iPod software will not delete your music.

You want to delete inbox from your computer?

YES! Please Delete from my computer!I do not wish any more trash on my computer!

How do you delete an unsecured computer to computer network?

One should be using the Server in order to delete one computer in a network.

How delete virus in system?

You have to reformat your computer which means you will have to re-install all your softwares and lost your documents (if you havent done any backup). Dont forget to install anti-virus after you have done the reformat.

Can you install Windows 7 Professional over an existing Windows 7 Professional?

If you have the install disc, yes. However it will delete all of your files and settings. It would be like turning on your computer for the first time.

You want to cancel and delete Google from your computer?

U need 2 delete you computer cookies!!

You said that you want to delete inboxcom from your computer now please?

how can i delete manually from my computer