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Get an electrician to wire you up a 220v line.

Yes, with a caveat. The current ratings must be the same, and the the 110V outlet must be a dedicated circuit, i.e. nothing else on that breaker. You can safely upgrade a dedicated 110V 15A circuit to a 220V 15A circuit by re-using the same wiring. You will have to just replace the breaker and the outlet. You cannot, however, increase the current load or have a 110/220V (4-prong) outlet. Note that if you move a non-dedicated circuit up to 220 you will start a fire.

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Q: How do you install a 240V hookup if there is a 120V outlet where you are replacing a gas stove with an electric one?
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How much does it cost to switch gas dryer hookup to electric hookup?

It depends on what kind of dryer you are going to put in though I recommend to put in a 110 dryer so there will be no need for a contractor as the outlet for your washer is usually rated to supply enough amps for both appliances.

Can you convert a gas dryer 120V hookup to an electric dryer 240V hookup?

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