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Assuming your Compaq laptop has a USB port or two, just plug in the new drive with the USB cable. It will show up as another drive, using the first available drive letter, in Windows Explorer (or equivalent).

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Q: How do you install a 80GB USB external hard drive on a Compaq laptop?
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How do you install Windows on a Toshiba Satellite t2130cs laptop that does not have a cd-rom drive?

get a external CD drive best buy

Laptop has no CDDVD drive how do I install a program which is on a CD or DVD onto my Laptop?

you have to buy a external usb DVD drive for about £50 but there are some cheaper you can get these from PC world ,argos and places like that.

Do you always have to remove external hard drive before shutting down your laptop?

i always remove the external hard drive before shutting down my laptop

How do you Install antivirus on a external drive?

best thing is to dont install antivirus on external hard

How do you install Windows on the ASUS Eee laptop?

The Eee laptop lacks a CD / DVD rive. To install Windows on it, one needs to either plug an external drive into the USB port, or create an image of a hard drive with Windows already installed and use a cloning tool on a bootable USB drive to copy the image bit for bit to the Eee's hard drive.

Can you connect an LG phone to a laptop like you would an external hard drive?

Yes, you can. You need to go to a electronics shop to purchase the external drive and cord. You will need to connect the cord to your internet box and stream to your external drive onto your laptop.

What features does the HP Compaq Presario have?

The Presario is a laptop computer manufactured by HP/Compaq. It has a large hard drive, DVD drive, Windows 8 pre-installed and also has market-leading memory levels.

Can you use a PC hard drive on a laptop?

you can use it in an external enclosure that connects to the laptop using either USB, firewire, etc. However, you will never have enough room to install a genuine hard disk inside a decent laptop case.

How do you add second hard drive to laptop?

If you don't have enough room inside your laptop you'll need to find an external drive that will work with it. Check the back and sides of your laptop. Many have a bus connector that will allow you to plug in an external drive or other bus device.

Can you use an external CD DVD drive for your laptop?

That depends on the capacity of your laptop, but in general, yes.

How to Install an External Laptop Drive?

Adding additional hardware and accessories to a laptop is inexpensive offering easy storage solutions to any laptop. Installing an external hard drive will offer extra space and easy access. Follow these steps to assist you when installing an external hard drive to your laptop. ▪ Step 1: Instantly install the external drive to a laptop. Most laptops come with USB ports which offer plug-and-play instant installing of the new equipment. Consider using a FireWire port if your laptop has one available, this will free up a USB port. FireWire ports offer comparable transfer rates as USB ports. ▪ Step 2: Check the manual. The external drive manufacturer might require installation of software prior to installing the actual external hard drive equipment. Install the software before connecting the external drive to the port. ▪ Step 3: Check the device driver. The external drive manual will indicate what time of driver needs to be used. Newer versions of Windows should recognize the driver immediately, prompting to install it if your laptop does not already have it. If the driver isn’t automatically recognizable, keep the driver software CD’s available. You can also download drivers off a manufacturer company website. ▪ Step 4: Connect your power supply. Some external drives require their own power supply. Plug the cord into the power supply prior to turning on the external drive or plugging the drive into a port. ▪ Step 5: Troubleshoot the external laptop drive. Usually installing an external drive is really easy and straightforward. In the event that windows will not detect your new external drive, wait a few minutes to see if it eventually detects it. If windows still does not detect the external drive, check all connections and make sure the power button is turned on the external drive. New hardware installation often requires the software to be installed prior to connecting the device to your laptop; make sure you have installed the external hard drive in this sequence. Reference the manual if you continue to have problems, usually the problem is easily rectified once the installer realizes which step was missed. Installing external accessories or hardware is extremely easy. Referencing the external hardware manual, installing the correct software and driver will have you using your extra space in no time.

How can you install the sims 3 on a PC with no drive?

you have to buy an external drive to attach to your PC in order to install the game.

How do you install Windows XP on a laptop with no hard drive?

You can't; there's nothing to install it to.

How do you install Linux over windows?

You could install it on an external drive without shutting down. You would download the live CD ISO and install is in a virtual machine (VirtualBox), add the external drive in the USB menu, and install as usual.

Can you install a laptop hard drive into a tower?

no you cant. the drive bays in a tower are to big.

How can one add Windows 98SE to a laptop that only has a floppy drive?

You would have to get a CD drive which fits in your laptop or get an external USB one which you can connect to it

Can you install games on external hard drives?

Yes, you can install games on an external hard drive as long as the machine which it is connected to has all of the requirements needed to install/play.

How do you transfer software from laptop to laptop?

You can either use Bluetooth for transfers or simply transfer all the data and the software on an external hard drive and then connect it to the other laptop and transfer it again from the hard drive to the laptop.

Where can a person learn how to install a computer external hard drive?

A computer external hard drive is a storage device that is connected externally to a computer. It is possible to learn how to install a computer external hard drive though websites such as eHow, or by attending an appropriate college course.

How do you put Windows Vista on an external hard drive?

When selecting the drive you wish to install the OS on, simply select the external HDD.

How do you install virus guard for external hard drive?

You cannot do that. You can install the program itself on an external drive by it should be connected all the time if you want to use virus guard. If you have a virus guard which you trust on your PC you don't need to have it all your external drives. When you have connected an external drive run full scan on it.

How do you install sims 3 on PC with no drive?

to install the game, you would need to buy an external disk drive so you can run it.

How do I connect an external hard drive to my laptop?

External hard drives are a great idea for backing up the data on a laptop. The connection can be made in one of two ways - using a USB cable or a firewire cable. Which cable to buy depends on the ports present on your laptop and your external hard drive. Once the drive is connected correctly, you will see a new icon in your computer's file browser or explorer window representing the drive.

Can you install Windows xp on a netbook?

yes you can install Xp by external Disk Drive in your Netbook

How do you make your external hard drive your main hard drive?

Install all your programs on it and install your OS on it (OS = operating system) I for one wouldn't recommend installing an OS on an external hard drive though.