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How do you install a CV joint on a 1995 Elantra?


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change the whole axle its easier, remove the wheel, unbolt the 2 bolts holding the lower strut, disconnect the steering connecting rod (you'll need a special tool but its cheap) remove the strut from the wheel hub by pulling down and then pull the whloe wheel hub to the sdie at the same time push the axle out of the hub. the use a wedge (ie a tire iron or large screw driver and pop the axle out of hte tranny, befor you install the new one inspect that seal and lub it with grease.

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It is generally not cost-effective to replace individual CV joints. Rebuilt or new CV shaft assemblies in most cases cost less than the joint itself, and are a lot less work to install.

The CV joints on a 1995 Ford Taurus can be replaced by removing the front tires, and the nuts on the lower ball joint. Next, the lower ball joint will need to be removed and the CV joint can be removed.

its so easy -- you tube has the basics -- if you can do a turnup you can change the cv- halfshaft

Begin by removing the tire and wheel from your 1987 Honda. Remove the brake assembly and the brake rotor. Remove the CV joint retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new CV joint.

CV (Constant-Velocity) joint

Purchase a re-manufactured half-shaft from an auto parts store. The half-shaft comes complete ready to install with a new CV joint. You will spend almost as much for the CV joint kit alone and spend more frustrating time trying to rebuild the old half-shaft.

it has a solid front axle, therefore it has u joints, not cv joints found on independent front suspension(ifs) of GMs. CV joints are gonna be awful hard to install on a solid front end...

I just replaced a cv joint on a 1995 grand Cherokee the part cost me about 150 bucks.Im not sure but I would think the 97 would have the same part number

how to fit cv joint on ford galaxy

It's usually much more inexpensive to replace the entire drive shaft than to repair a worn cv joint. The new drive shaft will come with new cv joints and new boots.

If it is round, it is a cv. If it is a cross shape, it is an u joint.

what happens when cv joint breaks when you are driving on freeway

Remove wheel and brake caliper, remove caliper frame and ABS cable.Separate tie rod end and ball joint from steering knuckle. Remove hub nut and pull knuckle away from outer cv joint. Insert a thin pry bar between cv inner and transaxle case and jerk it to loosen cv joint. Re-install in reverse order.

Yes you have two drive axles that use 2 CV joints, both have an inner CV joint and an Outer CV joint

The bellows on a CV joint is the rubber boot that covers the joint keeping dirt and water out, grease in.

The CV joint in a 2000 Kia Sportage can be replace by roving the tires, axle nuts, and the knuckle bolts on the struts. Next, the CV joint can be removed by placing a screwdriver between the transmission and the CV joint will pop out.

CV joint is a Constant Velocity Joint in all FWD cars and most 4WD cars. A cv joint makes your FWD car drive and turn without losing velocity.

how do you replace a CV joint on a 1992 Chevy pickup?

replacing cv joint renault megane 2

The CV joint is the part inside the boot.

No, a Strut is basically a shock with a built on spring. A CV joint is the "flex" joint in a drive shaft.

A cracked boot itself won't cause a CV joint to make noise. However, a cracked boot WILL cause the grease to be slung out and allow dirt to enter the CV joint. And a contaminated CV joint that is starved for lubricant WILL eventually start to make noise.

You can buy a CV joint boot kit and install it fairly easily if you can find a boot that bolts together in the center. Just cit the old boot off, put the new boot on , install the grease, bolt up the sides, and put on the hose clamp.

how do you replace the drivers side drive shaft and cv joint?

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