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How do you install a JVC radio in a 1993 Ford Explorer?

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I installed a JVC CD stereo deck in my 91 explorer, its not hard.If you have a wiring harness on the back of your radio( a plug in the back of the deck that has a bunch of different colored wires on it) connect those wires to the same colored wires in your truck.the wires should also have printing to indicate where that wire goes,like for example LF spkr,or something simular,meanig that wire should be hooked up with the trucks left front speaker connection wire.if you have the manual to the JVC deck, use it, if not its not hard to figure out.but if you are not sure of anything here , try a proffesional.

Although written for the Taurus/Sable, the "Related Question" below is a good how-to instruction overview for installing a radio into a vehicle.

You're going to need the wiring color codes in order to match the purpose of the factory wires to the radio wires. The color codes do NOT match the new radio.

TIP : buy the wiring harness converters for the Explorer and NEVER cut the factory wiring! You will come to regret it later... No, make that sooner. The harness make wiring your new speakers and radio a whole lot easier.

Unrequested endorsement: is a great place not only for products, but also for information.

2015-07-15 20:53:01
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Q: How do you install a JVC radio in a 1993 Ford Explorer?
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