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How do you install a baby seat in a 2003 Highlander?

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It is the same as in any other vechile. If you are not sure of it, you can go to you local police department and they can show you how to put it in. Make sure you do it before you have the baby, most hospitals will check the car seat and make sure it is in correct and if they don't think it is they will keep the baby at the hospital and make you go to the police department to get it put in correctly anyways. congrats on the new baby!

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What is the best baby car seat I can buy?

The best car seat on the market is a seat that fits the baby you don't want one to small or to big. Another important feature is on that can install easy. A brand that I prefer is Graco Car Seats.

How should you install a baby car seat in a 2001 Ford Taurus?

Each baby seat is designed to be installed a very particular way according to its own procedures.I would suggest reading / referencing two documents:The baby seat manufacturer's Owners ManualThe Taurus Owners Manual - reference the section for baby seat attach/secure points that are designed into the vehicle.See "Related Questions" below for more

How do you install a car seat?

Before you install the car seat, you must find the right car seat for your child and also decide where to install the seat in the car. I would recommend installing it in the middle seat because it is the safest place for a baby to be seated. Reading the instructions will also help and watching youtube videos. Firstly, to install a foward facing seat place the car seat in the car and put the seatbelt through the hole in the car seat and place all your weight on the seat and pull the whole seat belt out and let go until the seat belt lock is on and then sit on the seat and pull the seat belt until it is tight. Then you will need to hook the top harness onto the hook at the back of the car and tighten it. Your seat shouldn't move more than an inch side to side.

How do I install a newborn car seat?

You don't install a newborn car seat. The only thing that you need to do with a newborn car seat is put the car seat in the back of the car and put the seat belts on and lock the seat belts.

How do you install a baby car seat in a 2002 dodge durango?

you gota have the base to the car swat .third row is probably not an option unless second row seat is down. this goes for booster seat too=it tilts when driving

Where can you find instructions for installing a baby seat in a compact car?

There are several online sources where one can find instructions about how to install a baby seat in a compact car. The Heart Knows, The Dorel Juvenile Group and Consumer Reports are websites which provide these instructions.

When should you install the car seat?

You should install the car seat several months prior to the birth of your child.

How do you install a battery on a 2003 kawasaki ninja?

Insert the ignition switch key into the seat lock under the fender left side. Turn the key clockwise,pulling up on the rear of the seat and pulling the seat backward. To install the seat! Slip the seat hook under the brace on the fuel tank bracket. next step insert the seat latch at the rear of the seat in to the latch hole.Push down easy on the rear part of the seat until the lock clicks.All 3 models to date are the same seat! model # EX650A6F-06, EX650A7F-07 and EX650A8F-08

Where is there instructions on how to install a new toilet?

When you purchase a new toilet seat, it is going to come with the instruction manual as to how to install the seat, when you get it in your home for installation.

How do i Remove passenger seat in 2003 Cadillac CTS?

remove passenger seat in 2003 cadillac cts

Can put a baby in the car without baby seat?

yes---- you may put a baby in a car without a baby seat(capsule ) but you must not drive the vehicle

How can I install a car seat in a 2002 Mazda 626?

The car seat should have directions on the basic install on the seat and in the directions. Local fire departments inspect car seats and will help get it in correctly.

What is a baby seat?

A baby seat is a car safety restraint designed to hold infants and young children.

Where to install seat belts in the back seat back seat on a 1965 Impala?

There should be seat belt mounting points on the floor under the back seat.

How do you install seat heater in a Subaru Outback?

I have not tried to install a seat heater. Assuming that you have a seat with heater that you wish to use, Subaru tends to not include the wiring unless that option was ordered from the factory. You will need to install all wiring up to the fuse panel.

What are the qualifications for babysitting?

Instructions: 1. Get a baby seat. 2. Sit on the baby seat. Congratulation you're babysitting!

Is it legal to put a baby on the front seat of the car in Illinois?

No it is not legal to put a baby in the front seat of a car.

Install Seat Belt?

form_title=Install Seat Belt form_header=Seat belts are an important safety feature. How many seat belts do you want installed?=_ Describe the features you want installed?=_ Do you want standard or automatic seatbelts?= () Standard () Automatic

Can the bench style 3rd row seat in older highlanders be replaced with a new model Highlander split seat?

Yes, the bench style third row seat in older Highlanders can be replaced with split seats.

How big does a baby legally have to be before you can put them in a front facing car seat?

a baby can seat in the fornt of the car at 11!!!!

Can you put a baby seat in a ford ranger extra cab?

yes you can as long as thier is a seat belt for the baby to be strapped in.

What direction should a baby car seat face when in the back seat of a car?

facing the backrest of the seat it is on

Can a baby ride in the front in a car seat?

well in a matter of speaking, not on the front seat, but you can put them in the baby seats and secure it to the passenger seat so, you can keep an eye on your baby never put a baby on a normal seat with a seatbelt, if they slip through and bang their head, or are in a car accident it could cause permanent damage.

How many seat in 2002 highlander?

It depends on what model (how expensive) you have. There are the two front seats and then a second row, which can seat three, and (if you have the up-scale interior package) a third seat which can hold two and folds down into the floorboards.

Replace battery 2003 Bonneville?

The battery is located under the bench seat in the back seat. I know because I have a 2003 Bonneville.