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How do you install a bathtub?

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Bath tubs are very hard to replace. I would call a plumber on this one myself.

I have changed out a lot of bath tubs in my 40 years of plumbing. And they are

not easy at all. If you do try, i would only do so if you had all walls down around

tub. And always change your trip waste and if you have a drum trap, always

remove it also. And replace with ( P ) trap. If you already have a ( P ) trap they

hardly ever seem to match up to new tub. And always install new faucet.

Most likely if you try, you will be calling plumber. So save yourself time by doing so at the first. Expect to pay a plumber and helper around 2,500.00 just for

labor. To install all that i have mentioned w/walls already being down. At least

you can save yourself money on walls being down. Hope you take my advice

on this one.

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