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How do you install a bathtub?

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Bath tubs are very hard to replace. I would call a plumber on this one myself.

I have changed out a lot of bath tubs in my 40 years of Plumbing. And they are

not easy at all. If you do try, i would only do so if you had all walls down around

tub. And always change your trip waste and if you have a drum trap, always

remove it also. And replace with ( P ) trap. If you already have a ( P ) trap they

hardly ever seem to match up to new tub. And always install new faucet.

Most likely if you try, you will be calling plumber. So save yourself time by doing so at the first. Expect to pay a plumber and helper around 2,500.00 just for

labor. To install all that i have mentioned w/walls already being down. At least

you can save yourself money on walls being down. Hope you take my advice

on this one.

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Can I get a grant to install a walk-in bathtub?

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Where do you install bath tub drain?

A bathtub has a drain hole at one end where the drain is connected.

How much will it cost to buy a walk in bathtub and have it installed?

To buuy and install a walk in bathtub, it can cost anywhere from $2500.00 – $8000.00, depending on the cost pf tub and if you install it yourself or hire someone else to. You can easily save $1000 or more by installing it yourself.

How much room do you need to install a whirlpool bathtub?

Depends on the siZe of the bathtub and where you want the plumbing to be. And you need to make sure there is electrical outlet for the jets. But if u can fit everything in. Then it u just need the room for that

How do you install 60 inch bathtub in 59 inch space?

take out the drywall (2 x 1/2") and you have 59"

How can you fix the jets in your bathtub?

If you know the brand or manufacture of the tub, you can contact them and they can supply you what you need,and instructions onhow to install any replacement jets.

How much space is required to install a typical bathtub?

Five feet long and about half that in width. The height can be anywhere form 15" to 22".

Who can install an walk in bathtub in my house?

You look for profesional installer on the yellow book, find a few and give them a call to see which one convience you.

Can you get herpes from a bathtub?

You will not get herpes from a bathtub.

Did William Taft drown in his bathtub?

no haha he did not drown in his bathtub, but he had to get a special sized bathtub

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Where can you find a company to install a walkin tub in the new york area?

One company in the New York area that will install a walk-in tub is Veneto Services. You can also try the Walk In Bathtub company, who specializes in these bathtubs.

How do you remove and replace a bathtub?

If it is cast iron use a sledge hammer to break apart and then call a Plumber to install a new one if you don't know how.

What happened to Taft?

Taft's bathtub cracked.So the cracked bathtub was installed with a new over-sized bathtub,which was 7 feet and 3.5 feet long bathtub.

Who was the first president to see the first bathtub and library installed in the White House?

Millard Fillmore, at the request of his wife, got Congress to appropriate some money to buy books for a permanent White House library. He did not install a bathtub-- please see the related question.

What is 'bathtub' when translated from English to Italian?

"Bathtub" in English is vasca da bagno in Italian.

Who can install a walk in tub in my bathroom?

If you live in Scottsdale, Arizona then Pace Bathrooms can install a walk in bathtub in your home. They can be reached at 877-559-7223. If you live in Mesa, then Price Busters can help you, their number is 480-969-5155.

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