How do you install a brake light in a Volkswagen Beetle?

First you have to open up the trunk and pop out that circular covering you see that is initially where the back of your tail light is. Then you will find a bolt that you will have to unscrew to unhinge your tail light from the car. After that you have to pry the tail light out. Be sure to go under the black insulator you see that goes around the outter taillight because it is attached to your actual tail light. when you pry it out be sure to pry from the inner side closer to the trunk latch, the outter rim has plastic that inserts into the grooves inside the car to keep in in place. the taillight should pop right out and you just change our the bulb. Then put it back in inserting the outter side first, lining up the plastic pieces and then go inside the trunk and screw it back into place.