How do you install a car amp?

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you need to run a power wire from youre battery to youre amp.then run a also need to run the remote wire from youre radio this will make youre amp turn on.then just run youre rca jacks/or speaker wires to amp.then run the outs to speakers that's it.

run a power wire from the battery to the amp, put a fuse no farther than 8 inches away from when you attached the power to the battery. run another wire wire the same gage as your power line to a unpainted, sanded metal bold for your ground wire. find the remote or power antena wire coming from your desk and run a wire from that to the remote on you amp so it will turn on when your deck turns on. run RCAs from you decks line out into your amp and then normal speaker wire from the amp to you speakers you want to power. make sure you store your amp in an area in the car that stay cool so it doesn't overheat in the summer

Make sure to secure the amp with whatever hardware is provided . also be sure to use the correct size power and ground wire. if it is a factory deck that u are installing the amp on your remote power will be th power antenna if eqquipped if not i would recomend installing a grounded inline remote switch it seems to eliminate ground noise u can get by tieing inti the acc on the factory deck. if u don't have rca outs .Hi-Lo converters and Line-out converters that allow you to add an aftermarket amplifier (orRCA outputs) to a factory radio.

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Q: How do you install a car amp?
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You can bridge the wires from one amp to the other.

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Install not more that 10 on a 15 amp circuit. You can install 12 if you install a 20 amp circuit.

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Pretty much any kind you can afford and install.

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you need an amp and an amp wiring kit

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Clarify....Are you talking about an AMP for a Stereo?

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