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make sure amp remote wire is connected to p.cont wire and not power ant wire on the radio

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โˆ™ 2007-06-18 07:17:14
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Q: Why after buying a new CD player when the radio is on would the subs work but when you put in CD the subs do not come on?
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Can you buy a portable radio with a CD player?

Yes you can buy a portable radio with a cd player. In fact most radios come with a cd player option now days. I would reccomend a sony over all the brands available.

Why would your CD player in your 2001 Tiburon just die and not come back on?

CD players do break but does the radio still work? You may just need to install a new radio

Cd player works but radio will not static on a 2002 ford focus with new antenna?

I have the same problem, except I have a cassette player and not a CD player. I believe the answer is the antenna has come loose from the radio but I do not know how to check it.

What would cause static to come out of the front right radio speaker when the radio is off or on?

your speaker is blowen. it will do that until it is replaced

What would cause your radio to come on but no sound?

The most likely reasons are the volume is turned down or the radio is not tuned to a station.

What is the benefit of music player?

You can listen to music so you don't have to wait for the song to come over the radio!

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Does the 2007 Infiniti G35 come with a cassette player?

Yes, the 2007 Infiniti G35 comes with not only a cassette player, but a CD player and AM/FM radio stereo as well.

What extras does the Coby CX-CD1234 Portable CD Player come with?

It comes with minispeakers and an am/fm radio.

How do you fix the factory radio code on 2000 eclipse I let is sit a hour a then tryed to type in the code then hit the CD button but it would not come on I know I have the right code But I dont knowt?

If it is a 2000 Eclipse that has a CD player and a cassette, you need to put in the code and then press the Tape button, radio will come on right away.

How do you get radio on your ipod touch?

Its doesn't come with radio, but you can get a free radio app.

Why your CD player won't come on?

maybe the batteries are out or maybe your standing next to a electrical thing and it gets radio waves

What station does BOTDF come on?

it doesn't come on the radio.

2000 mitsubish galant radio and CD player sound will intermittenly turn itself off and will turn the sound back on when it feel's like it. could this be the speakers a loose wire or the radio?

i have a 2001 mitsubish my radio want come on either

What would cause radio in 2005 ford focus to come on with key out of ignition?

Is it an "after-market" radio? It sounds like it was wired to a "hot" terminal that is not controlled by the ignition switch.

How do you fix the speakers on a 1995 Honda Civic radio cassette player when the radio turns on but speakers are dead?

There are really only 3 possibliites. FIRST: Make sure that the radio actually does come on and that the volume control is turned up. THEN: (1) The speaker wire plug has come loose or fallen out of the back of the radio. (2) The speaker wire(s) has been broken (or shorted out) somewhere between the radio and the speakers themselves. (3) the audio circuit in the radio has died and the radio needs to be replaced.

Does the iPod touch 2nd generation come with FM radio?

No, the second generation iPod Touch does not come with FM radio. You must be connected to the internet using a radio app to listen to FM radio.

Does the 1 18 RC18T2 B2 Team Kit come with a radio?

Its a Kit, and kits come with ZERO electronics, so no, it doesn't come with a radio.

Ihave a 2004 Z 71 with a gm radio i recently replaced the battery and now the radio xm and CD player come on but i have no sound?

Sounds to me as if maybe the speaker wires are unhooked or its grounding out somewhere

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If I pay will the shipment come in earlier?

It all depends on what company your buying from. I would either call them and ask or if they have a website I would check that and see what their delivery policies are.

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Yes, the telephone came before the radio.

The radio will not come on how to get the radio on?

have you tried plugging it in? yes and checked all fuses