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This information applies to installing a window lift on a 1997 Toyota Camry XLE on th driver's side, left front. The information should be applicable to other window lifts on late 1990's Camrys. There is a shortcut that I used which allowed me to replace the window lift without having to remove the window glass and regulator, but it takes some patience but it is worth it because it will save you time and aggravation.First, remove the handle bezel. Using a small srew driver,,, pry open the screw cover. Remove the screw. Next, tape the end of a large screw driver and pry off the bezel first at the top left side, and then at the bottom left side. Have a helper hold the bezel under pressure while you gently pry both corners. The bezel will pop out. Next, using a screw driver, go around the door trim and remove the two or three screw caps, and then remove the screws and any uncovered screws around the side and bottom and on the arm rest. If you want to remove the switch panel, you can gently pry it out with a taped screwdriver. Next, take a plastic putty knife and work around the edges of the door trim and gently pry up around the edges, popping out the plastic fasteners. Once the trim is loose on the two sides and bottom, pull the trim upward and lift it free. Gently pull back the plastic cover without tearing the plastic. Now remove the metal service hole cover. Now, here is a tip to save some time. Intead of removing the glass and side frames,, you can save some time by reaching thru the access hole on the right side to reach the motor on the regulator. You will need a small ratchet style screwdriver with a size 8-10 straight screw driver edge. You can purchase one at Sears for $10. There are three screw holding the motor to its frame. You can use a small mirror to locate these screws. Remove these screws. Be patient. It goes easily with a little patience and a ratchet screwdriver. The motor will now feel loose, but do not force it out. Next, there are three bolts which you need to remove which are visible on the door which will allow you to get more free play to free the motor. A 10mm wrench will fit these bolts take them out. These bolts are easily visible and are used to attach the frame which holds the motor snug in its place. Take these three bolts out,,, and the motor will now be free and you can pivot it right out the access hole on the right. Disconnect the wire harness and the motor is free. A replacement motor will cost new between $55 and $80.

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Q: How do you install a drivers side window motor?
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define the problem is door switch and not window motor.

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Buy a chilton's or haynes maintenance manual. They tell you everything. I had to replace my drivers side window motor. Not too hard.

Why will drivers side electric window not roll down when all others will?

Busted switch, motor or wiring.

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If it is just the passanger side don't bother with the fuses. the wiring does go thru the drivers side and then to the passanger side. Use a voltmeter at the passenger power window motor. If you get 12V to the motor it is probably bad. If you don't have 12V at the motor the wiring to it is probably bad. Make sure you didn't accidently turn off the passenger window switch at the drivers side door.

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First... get a repair manual. Follow the instructions...

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it's riveted in. I drove around for years with a broken drivers side window motor... The cheapest way to fix the problem is to get a new door......Promise. Shops were saying nearly $700 to replace the motor.....

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