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The trunk does not use a gasket, instead it has weather stripping. To replace the weatherstripping remove the old part and scrape off the adhesive. Slide on the new the weatherstripping and use some water proof gasket sealer to ensure there will be no leaks.

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Q: How do you install a gasket on the trunk of your 99 Honda civic?
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Can a 1994 Honda Civic trunk fit a 2000 Honda Civic?

No it will not.

How do you fix the tail lights on a Honda Civic DX?

The taillight bulbs can be easily replaced on a Honda Civic. Open the trunk and locate the plastic covers. Remove the plastic cover and pull the bulbs. Replace with new bulbs and install the covers.

How do you repair or fix the trunk that wont close for a Honda civic 1992?

If the trunk on a Honda Civic will not close the locking mechanism may be jammed. Be sure to remove any obstructions on inside the trunk latch. If the latch is broken replace it.

What type of Honda Civic is the most popular?

According to the Auto Car website, the most popular Honda Civic is the Honda Civic Type R Mugen. The Mugen is a sporty type of Honda Civic with tail wings above the trunk of the vehicle.

Remove spoiler from 1997 Honda civic lx?

The spoiler on a 1997 Honda Civic is attached to the trunk. Open the trunk to gain access to the mounting hardware. Loosen the hardware and remove the spoiler.

How do you install a trunk latch for a 98 Honda Civic not a hood latch?

The latch itself is held on with bolts, easy enough to change. The release cable has to be fed down the inside of the rocker panel and into the trunk.

Will a 98 Honda civic 2 door trunk fit a 98 civic 4 door?


Where is the 1997 Honda Civic 6 disc CD player located?

In the trunk

Water leak in the trunk of a 1991 Honda Accord?

I had the same problem with my 1992 Accord. Replacement of the trunk lid gasket fixed the leak, but I had to special order the gasket from a dealer.

Where is model type located on a Honda Civic?

Mine is located on the trunk on the passenger side

Why does trunk leak on a Honda Prelude?

Tail light rubber gasket is worn out. $15 from dealer.

How do you turn off trunk light in Honda civic?

just push up a bit the latch on the trunk. may need to wedge it to keep it there

Honda Civic SI trunk release wont work?

When you pull a button in the cupe? If its no response, its the wire.

How do you replace 96 Honda civic tail lights?

Remove them from the inside of the trunk using an 8mm socket.

How do you remove tail lights in a 2006 civic?

The tail lights on a 2006 Honda Civic are mounted to the brackets in the trunk of the car. Open the trunk and remove the mounting bolts. Unplug the bulbs and the housings will then be able to be removed.

Will you be able to fit four 12 subwoofers in the trunk of a 1993 Honda civic ex?

Why would for want to you idiot!

How do you remove the tail light to a Honda civic 92?

The tail light on a 1992 Honda Civic is removed by loosening the mounting bolts on the trunk. After those are loosen and tail light can be wedged out. Be careful not to ruin the weatherstripping found around the light.

Will a 2dr trunk fit on a 4dr 92 civic?

I honestly do not think a 2 door trunk will fit any other model of Civic, I know the hoods are not compatible as I have tried it, but my Civic does not have a trunk.

How do you replace tail lights in a 1995 Honda civic?

Have you tried looking in the trunk yet? yes!!!!! on the trunk portion of the lights i think there is a bolt hiding but i cannot find it!!! Thanks for the waste of time>..

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1990 Honda Civic DX?

Fuel tank. Access panel in trunk. if it is a hatchback its underneath the back seat.

What is the oil capacity for a 2006 Honda civic?

well if you fill the whole thing up it is about 700 gal. and that's not including the engine and trunk.

How do you Change licence plate bulbs on a Honda Civic?

Well if you open your trunk you will be able to access your plate bulbs and help you change them with ease.

Water in trunk of 2000 Honda civic after rain?

What would cause this to happen?? Just bought the car looks like it has been garage kept, in great condition, until it rained. Water not present anywhere else but the trunk. Has Honda had a recall on this issue, can it be fixed???

Where is the Location of transmission linear solenoid assembly for Honda civic?

The transmission linear solenoid is bolted to the trunk lid. Ridgid lines transfer fluid to and from the actual transmission, therefore, it is impossible to open the trunk.

Why is the trunk latch on your 2002 Honda Civic not opening the trunk when you press it?

The reason is because the cable connecting to the latch has already been over stretched. Changing a new cable should rectify your problem.