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change at 120,000km

Shawn. i only have one comment for you if you have never replaced a timing belt on a 3.0 lietre Chrysler be very careful if you time it wrong you will bend the valves. but first you need to remove the tire and all accessorys on the right side of the wheel inner fender well then start takink apart the accessories on the engine then take the timing cover off remove the engine mount and support it properly the timing marks are pretty ovious arrows on cams point to the top of the head you'll see the dots same as on the crank jack the engine up to access more room their is a timing belt tensior be careful not to over tightnen the belt you'll have a wine from hell. i work for Chrysler and it takes me a good eight hours on a hoist to complete one so if your doing it on the ground you can pretty well count on double that time it will run you about 400.00 at a dealership parts and labor believe me it is well worth paying for it to not have to do one. your call but definitely buy a book!!!!!

I would let a garage do it. I have done a 3.0 Caraqvan & a 2.5L v-6 on a Sebring ( both similar ) and they were both VERY testing. I will NOT do another one. The Chilton book is worthless. If you can find a Haynes it would help.

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Q: How do you install a new timing belt on a 1993 Dodge Caravan 3.0?
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