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How do you install a screw drive garage door opener?



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The answer is too long and complicated for providing here. Also, there are several different brands and models of screw openers, and the procedure, may AND PROBABLY DO vary.

For safety's sake, the best way to learn how to install ANYTHING is to carefully read, understand, AND FOLLOW the MANUFACTURER'S INSTALLATION AND OPERATOR'S MANUAL. Good luck ! j3h

Just to add on...

I rarely recommend for people to install their own garage door opener. It's not that an average person couldn't do it himself/herself, but most people won't follow directions carefully enough to have the opener installed properly. It also isn't too cost efficient to spend an entire day trying to make an opener work.

However if you are insistent on doing this yourself, please read all the directions before hand (not just while you install the unit). Prepare yourself and you will be able to do it. Also, there are instructional videos online. Just search it up and watch through them. If you have any doubts, just call a local company to come out and help.