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I just did this today. First make a diagram of the belt's route around the 6 pulleys. If the belt came off before a diagram is made: From the left side of the engine as you stand in front of it, imagine 6 pulleys. One is on the bottom left side (#1). Two is on the top right side (#2). Three is on the right bottom side (#3). Four is on the bottom between #1 and #3. Five and six are above #4 on each side. Five is on the left side of #4 and six is on the right side. These two are the only ones where the ribbing side is away from the pully. I have an air conditioner. Not sure if that tidbit matters for replacement but I think it does for the purchase of the belt. Here is the drawing:


NOTE: The link shown above is missing a '/' between ".net" and "1ZZ". For some reason, the WikiAnswers server automatically changes ".net/1ZZ" to ".net1ZZ" so you don't get to see the drawing. Just add the '/' between ".net" and "1ZZ" when viewing the link.

The belt goes rib down around left side of #1, to and around right side of #2 (rib down), around the top side of #6(rib away from pulley), to and around right side of #3 (rib down), around bottom side of #4 (rib on pulley), up and around right side of #5 (rib away from pully), and down to #1 (rib on pulley). Drawing this as you eyeball your engine and drawing a line around the pulleys will help.


The tension relief point is above the right edge of pulley #1. There are two bolts. The bottom is a real bolt and the top one is the tension reliever. It's not a real bolt. It just provides the leverage to loosen the system. It takes a mm size above 17mm as that's the highest I had (it takes a 19 mm socket). So I used a 3/4" socket. I put a metal vacuum cleaner wand over the ratchet handle for more leverage. (I used a torque wrench.) Turn it clockwise or towards the front. It loosens the system enought to take the belt off and put another on.


I am not a mechanic and this took me approx 15 min to draw the diagram and make the replacement. (Not counting the approx. 2 hrs of internet research.)

neel27: I landed up to this page while searching about installing serpentine belt for Toyota corolla 2000. This helped a lot. I added the pictures I had taken during my work. Kudos to the original submitter.

ytosa: I added the drawing of the side of the engine, the socket size 19 mm, and a torque wrench alternative. Thank you for the submitter. I was able to replace the belt, following the instruction.

cjr008: Excellent page. To put the serpentine belt (drive belt), I found it easier if I stood in front of the car. Then, with my right-hand I pulled the wrench -that loosens the system- towards me and with my left-hand I pushed in the serpentine belt on the tensioner pulley.

2011-09-13 05:40:30
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Q: How do you install a serpentine belt on a 1999-2000 Toyota Corolla?
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