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Use a DPST - A two pole switch.

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Your medical machine says 110240 can you use it in a 240 volt system in cuba?

If you mean 110/240, yes, but there may be a hidden switch to switch it to 240 volt mode. Check the manual.

Can a 110 volt motor run on 240 volts without damage?

No, unless the motor was wound for dual voltage operation, which it will state on the motor nameplate, a 110 volt motor run on 240 volts will be damaged.

Can a 208 volt motor run on 240 volts?


Can you use a 12 volt dimmer switch for a 240 volt ceiling rose?

No, the voltage rating of the switch is too low.

Can you install a receptacle that is rated for 240 volts to a 277 volt line?

No, the receptacle's rating is 240 volt and that is the maximum voltage allow to be applied to that device. To prevent this condition from happening 277 volt receptacles and switches have a larger box that they fit into. The retaining screws are set apart further that a 240 volt device which makes it impossible to install a 240 volt device in a 277 volt junction box.

How do you add a switch to a 240 volt circuit?

The switch needs to be double pole and rated the current of the load and for 240 V.

How do you reverse 240 volt single phase motor with start capacitor?

You can reverse a 240 volt single phase motor with start capacitor by reversing the leads to the start winding.

Can you run a double phase motor on home 220 volt system?

If you mean a dual voltage motor 120/240 then yes these will operate on a 240 volt home distribution system.

How do you switch a 120 volt outlet to 240 volt outlet?

You can operate 220-240 volt equipment from standard 110-120 volt outlets with quick220 divices.See related links below.

Can you use 240 volt single phase to run a 208 volt single phase motor?

This is a 15% overvoltage to the motor, which is generally outside the specifications for a motor spec'd at 208v (typically up to 10% overvoltage is tolerable). Your 240 volt source may be as much as 105% of 240 / 252 volts at times. A buck/boost transformer should be used, unless the motor is designed to be used at 240 volts.

Will splicing a 3 wire 240 volt compressor with a 4 wire 240 volt male end damage compressor motor?

It could if you don't get the terminals and motor wires on the correct terminals.

What wattage 12 volt inverter do you need to drive a 240 volt quarter horsepower pump motor?

You need to find the wattage of the pump motor. This is found by multiplying the voltage of the motor by the amperage of the motor. Once you have this figure use it to find an inverter that can handle this wattage load at a 240 volt output.

How many watts can a 10amp 240 volt switch carry?


Where do you attach the neutral in a 240 volt switch?

Unless the switch has a pilot light on it there is need for a neutral connection to the switch.

How do you wire a 240 volt single phase motor?

See discuss question.

Can a 240 volt switch be used on a 480 volt system?

No. Not safe to do so. The distances between contacts may not be sufficient.

Will a 240 volt motor run with 110 volts?

If its a true 240v motor the no it won't. Some motors will but it would be listed in the specs or on the info plate of the motor. It will say 120/240.

Can you use 240 volts on a 3 phase motor?

Yes, if the motor is rated 240 volts 3 phase.There is such a thing as 240 volt 3 phase power.However if you are asking if you can use 240 volts single phase on a three phase motor, then the answer is no.

Can you run 240 volt motors on 208 volt?

Yes, but you will not get the full nameplate horsepower rating from the motor at the lower voltage.

Do you have to have a 220 v outlet even though you have a gas stove in michigan?

No, but if you ever switch to an electric stove you will have problems getting a 240 volt circuit to that location. I would go ahead and install a 240 volt outlet at that location if this is new construction. Costs very little and you will be all set for the future.

How do you connect the wires to a 240 volt breaker to make it deliver only 120 volts?

You can just connect the black wire to one side of the breaker. Then connect the white wire you disconnected from the 240 volt breaker to neutral. I would recommend you remove the 240 volt breaker and install a 120 volt 20 amp breaker in it's place. Make sure to change out the 240 volt plug at the wall to a 120 volt outlet.

What is the maximum volts that can be used on a 208 230 volt motor?

You should not go above 240 volts for that type of motor.

Can you install a 277 volt receptacle in place of a 240 volt receptacle?

No. To prevent this sort of thing from happening, the 277 volt device and receptacle is physically larger that a 240 volt receptacle and will not fit in a regular receptacle junction box. For a 277 volt system the proper size junction boxes have to be purchased.

How do you work out what power a 240 volt switch uses at 1amp?

Power = Amperes x Voltage

How do you wire a 20 amp 2hp motor with 220 single phase with a safety switch?

A safety switch does not provide overload or over current protection. The safety switch is positioned just before the motor and just after the motor protection equipment. To wire a safety switch, the line in from the motor protection goes to the top of the switch and the motor load connects to the bottom of the safety switch. The switch must have at minimum of a 240 volt rating and have an amperage rating of not less than 30 amps. Wire sizing for the connection will be #10 conductor which has a rating of 30 amps.