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How do you install an aftermarket CD player in a 1992 Nissan Maxima with Bose sound system?


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take the door panels off, remove the housing for the Bose speakers, take apart the housing and cut the wires, put in a small speaker to replace the Bose full range speaker. (alternatively, replace the Bose housing with a custom mounting board) put the Bose housing back and the door panels back.

cut the wires on the rear deck speakers and install a 6x9 speaker system.

replace the CD player. (the original 2ohm Bose speakers burn out players designed for 4 or 8 ohm speaker systems)


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The Factory radio for the 1997 Nissan Maxima was a capable stereo for its time . Now they have made aftermarket stereo CD players which has more power and also other features which weren't available in the late 1990's . Here's a site you could check out : How to Install an Aftermarket CD Player Into a 97 Nissan Maxima |

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all you have to do is go down to wal mart or some electronics store and buy a wiring kit, they are only lkie 15 bucks! one plugs into the new stereo and the other right into the stock Bose wiring. the two just need to have a butt connection. the wiring kit package will show you if it is for 91-94 maxima with Bose

Crutchfield sells a kit that allows you to install a single din aftermarket stereo where the pocket under the A/C controls are located.


AT THE BOTTOM I PUT THE LINK IN THE RELATED LINKS NAMED EBAY if the link doesnt work go to eBay and search altima dash kit or radio din

To install an aftermarket CD player the center console needs to be removed. Once removed a after market wire harness will need to be installed so the CD player can function properly. Install the CD player and connect all the wiring.

I assume by keyless you are talking about keyless entry, if so, you will not lose it if you install aftermarket CD players.

To install an aftermarket CD player in a Toyota Corolla a new wire harness is needed that corresponds with the replacement player. The old radio needs to be removed and the harness will need to connect to the cabin harness. Then the new CD player can be installed.

You have 2 options. You can enlarge the the factory mounting area by cutting it to fit with a hacksaw or mount it under the dash.

Yes>>assuming you use the wire-adapter connection plugs sold seperatly

If you're looking to install an aftermarket stereo system then you need to purchase a dash install kit. You can pick them up at Walmart if need be, they're about $20. The dash install kit comes with instructions for how to safely remove the factory stereo and install the aftermarket one.*If you want to keep some of the safety features, such as the "dinging when you manually turn on the driving lights and turn the car off" you'll need to pick up the wiring kit to go with the dash install kit.

Did the speaker system before have another amp connected to it? If so then this amp will have to be bypassed. Also make sure the the CD player is still connected securely and hasn't come apart. Hope this helps some.

Visit your local Best Buy store, they have a mounting kit that adapts an aftermarket CD player to fit the opening. They also have a wiring harness that plugs directly into the factory wiring. You will have to solder the wiring harness to the CD player, but this is the best way to go. If you follow all of the directions the install will look like a factory installation.

try this site, it's the best I've been able to find so far (disclaimer: haven't tried it yet!)

buy the adapter harness at the stereo shop and the shrowd it will make your life much easier then just match up the wires and plug it in

Yes, there is always a way! go to and they have several things available for different CD players and even instructions for your car. Good Luck!

Try, they are the best for aftermarket stereos, parts, instatlation, etc.

If the face plate of the original factory radio is Oval, like the 1997 escort, you can get a new radio faceplate that will accept a standard aftermarket radio from crutchfield. Mine cost $49 back in 1997. It even takes the original A/C and rear defroster controls.

you have to buy a kit, the kit will come with two U shaped tools, these insert into holes on the side of the oem stereo and are the only way to pull it out.

If money isn't an option, anything can be possible to install into a car. Although, if you were to buy a pioneer, this isn't an option, but aftermarket parts and installation fees can make this possible.

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