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Depending on the watts the amp is will determin the size of the wire you will be using. You have 3 basic cables the power wire, remote wire (16 or 18 gage) and the rca's. First you run the power wire from the battery to the amp ( make sure you install a fuse holder ) on some cars it's easy run the wire, some firewalls have pre made holes you could use for the wire. If the car has no hole by using a unitbit you could make your own hole the size you need it to be. If you have a factory radio you will also need a high to low converter so you will be able to convert your factory radios speaker wires in to low signals for the rca's you will be using. If you have a after market radio if should have rca's out puts already. Next is your remoter wire, factory radios you could use the ignition wire for the amp, after market radios use the amp turn on lead (blue/white on most). After you run all 3 wires to your amp read where the wire should be conecter to.12+ battery wire , turn on lead is your remote wire rca's to rca's input . Last wire's you need is the ground wire (same gage as the power wire) find a peice of steel from the car, under the seats scrape of any paint and ground it . The only thing left is pluging in your speakers.. enjoy ....

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Q: How do you install an amplifier into a car?
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What gauge speaker wire for car amplifier install?

Depends on the output of the amplifier.

Do you install subwoofers to your car battery?

No, you connect the to an amplifier.

Can one install themselves, or should they seek professional help?

You can install your own amplifier and you will save allot of money. To install an amplifier yourself you should get a How to Guide on how to install an amplifier.

What is the best location for an amplifier to be installed in a car?

There is a good location for your amplifier to be installed inside of a car. The best location is inside of your trunk. If you have a SUV, such as a Nissan Pathfinder, you would install it on the back of a seat. If you have a Sedan, such as a BMW, you would install it on the very back of the trunk.

Why would your rear speakers make a buzzing noise after you install an after market CD player when you shut the car off.?

The amplifier is still on after you shut off the car, review your wiring diagram and route the amplifier power to an acc wire.

How do you install a subwoofer?

In order to install a subwoofer you need: enclosure for sub, Amplifier, and an Amplifier kit. These three things can be found at an electronics store or online.

Which is the best amplifier to enhance car subwoofers?

The Kicker ZX300.1 Subwoofer Car Amplifier is great.

Where is a good place to mount a car amplifier?

You can mount your car amplifier in the back floor or in the trunk.

Do you get a small amplifier that you can install in a car door and connect on the speaker line that comes from the radio?

No. You buy a waring harness and connect it to the car wiring and the amp to the speakers there behind the radio.

Can a PlayStation 3 be a amplifier for a car?


Can I get an integrated amplifier in my car's stereo system?

Yes. An amplifier can be added and intergrated into your system.

Is a subwoofer an amplifier?

no, a subwoofer is not a amplifier a subwoofer is actually a speaker that is made for bass. an amplifier is what helps the subwoofer work and sound properly when you install a audio system in your automobile or home.

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