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How do you install an oil pan and gasket in a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

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Most vehicles will require that you lift the engine to remove/replace the oil pan. You can usually get enough distance if you just disconnect the motor mounts and lift the engine 6 or 8 inches. You probably won't need to disconnect the transmission, electrical or any of the hoses if you do it that way. Otherwise you'll need to completely remove the engine and that is a bit of trouble.
Not sure about all years, but I have a '97 that I am, in fact, currently working on. You have to drop the exhaust (4 bolts holding a Y-shaped pipe to the manifold). The front two bolts are difficult, but you can get a wrench on them. The back two, however, I have yet to get a wrench on them. Sizes are weird, too. For instance, the front seems to be 23/32 and the rear a 19/32. But I'm not sure -- I'm going to a tool shop now and taking some bolts with me to see if I can match it up. I can tell you the rear bolts will have to be removed with a wobble socket, because there's no way to put a socket straight on them, and there's such limited movement around the nuts that I doubt Hercules could losen them because it would have to be done with the wrist alone. When you get the oil pan off, I do know the gasket must be siliconed in at four locations. Anyway, I would suggest purchasing a good manual on your year of Taurus. And if you decide to do it, be ready to mutter obscenities and get very grimey.

2010-01-07 16:00:55
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I just had the timing cover gasket on my 2000 Ford Taurus replaced...Cost of Repair was $513

Is ford mercury making a sable model 2011?

No 2011 Mercury Sable model , but there is a 2011 Ford Taurus

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No, a Generation 2 (1992-1995) Taurus/Sable Windshield will NOT fit a Generation 3 (1996-1999) Ford Taurus/Sable.

Does a Ford Taurus and mercury sable have the same headlight lens?

No they do not

How much should it cost to replace a head gasket on a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

Depending on where you get it done, somewhere between $700-$1000. It is a pretty involved job.

How do tell whether your Mercury Sable or Ford Taurus is dual overhead cam or not?

The Mercury Sable and the Ford Taurus will have DOC in printed on the engine if they are dual overhead cam engines. The symbol should be on the top of the engine.

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Yes, it is identical.

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The 2001 Mercury Sable does come with a CD player. If the car does not have a CD player in it, an install kit can be purchased to install a CD player.

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Will the fuel injectors from a 02 Ford Taurus fit a mercury sable?

Yes, they will fit.

How many fuel pumps does a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable have?

Just one handles the job. See "Related Questions" below for more about Taurus/Sable fuel pumps

Will the radiator on a 1995 Ford Taurus work for a 1995 mercury sable?

99% sure the Taurus radiator will be a perfect match to the Sable's.

Who makes the Taurus?

Ford Motor Company, Dearborn Michigan, produces the Ford Taurus, and it's fraternal twin, Mercury Sable

What happens if you change the radio in a Mercury Sable 1998?

You have to learn all the new controls(??)Seriously though - See "Related Questions" below for more information about dash converter kits for this generation of Taurus / Sable and how to install an after-market unit.

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Why does your 89 Ford Taurus have a Mercury Sable ECM?

Ford Motor Company makes Fords, Lincolns & Mercurys. The Mercury Sable is the same car as a Ford Taurus, just different names and a little different trim. they use the same parts.

What car parts are compatible with a 93 Mercury Sable?

Ford Taurus parts of the same era.

What does it mean by your Ford Taurus Mercury Sable engine is running lean?

Could be sucking air into intake.

Will a 215-75-15 fit a Mercury Sable?

Yes, I have them on my Taurus, identical body.

What would be a reasonable cost to have an oil pan gasket replaced on an '03 mercury sable?

A reasonable price quoted for a oil pan, and gasket replaced on a 2003 Mercury Sable is $350. That is professionally done, so they may charge slightly more for labor.

How much is a sensor on a 1997 mercury sable wagon?

The critical piece of information is missing from the original question: which sensor of the dozens of sensors in the typical Taurus / Sable