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How do you install cedar fence posts?

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You need a post hole digger and cement. YOu have to measure out the area that you are putting the post. YOu can space them apart every 6-8 feet. You dig the hole and have the cement prepared and when the hole is done you put the cement around the post. The cement should come with directions for mix. You should put the post down at least 10" for it to stay in the ground well. I don't think 10 inches will quite do it. A good rule of thumb is half the heaight of the fence but nothing less than 30 inches deep. The diameter of the hole should be at least 4 inches greater in diameter than the post but nothing smaller than 6 inches. Make sure your holes look more like a bell than an ice cream cone because frost in the winter time can actually lift the post out of the ground.

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What can cedar wood be bought as?

Fence posts.

How do you install fence posts?

To install wooden fence posts, it is bests to use a fence post auger. An auger literally drills the correct size hole in which to insert the post.

Can you burn cedar fence posts in a wood burning fireplace indoors?

Yes. It tends to pop a little bit. But it burns well.

Can I install wooden fence posts myself?

Yes, you can install wooden fence posts yourself. You will need to make sure each post is 2 feet longer than the height you want your fence to be at because it is recommended that each post be set 18 inches into the ground.

Video of putting up a cedar wood privacy fence using metal VersaPost?

There will be a video showing how to install a wood privacy fence using the VersaPost very soon.

How do you install barbed wire on top of an existing wooden fence?

Barbed wire needs to be stretched tight. This requires solid posts at the ends or the wire will slack over time. I would speak with a fence contractor to see if your posts will support the wire.

How can one properly install fence posts around their yard?

With the help of a tape measure, determine the layout of the area where the fence is to be installed. Then, lay the foundation of the fence, that is the fence posts. After the points of stabilization have been established, you need to insert a stake into each one of these points in order to identify where the fence posts will be situated. The hole for the fence posts should be approximately 4 inches wider than the fence posts. If there is no frost where the fence is being installed, you may be required to dig holes with the intention that one half of the exposed height of the post is underground. In case, there are areas where frost takes place, you need to be no less than 6 inches below the frost line. The best way to dig holes is with the help of a gas powered auger. When digging the holes, you must leave room, a few extra inches is intended for putting in a gravel base. Once the holes are dug out, you need to start mixing the concrete using a wheelbarrow bucket. Insert your first fence post inside the hole and start adding in the concrete with the help of a shovel. Once the concrete has been put in, level the fence posts and make them even. Once the first post has been installed, move to the next corner fence post and stretch a line of string from the first fence post to the second in order for you to ensure that you have a straight and even line. Once all the corner fence posts have been installed, you can continue to install the fence posts that are situated between the corner posts. This will make sure you don't get an uneven fence.

What is the strong or strongest part of a fence?

The strong or strongest part of a fence line are its posts. Posts are generally placed partly into the ground for permanent fencing. Posts provide structure for the entire fence, whether using slats or chain-link in between the posts. Even wood panels used instead of slats are typically weaker than the posts they are attached to in the fence line.

What do you call a row of posts?

a fence

Fence Panels?

form_title=Fence Panels form_header=Get help building or repairing your fence from professionals. Do you need panels to build or replace a fence?*= () Build () Replace Type of panels?*= () Vinyl () Cedar () Metal () Other What dimensions do you want the panels?*= _[50] Are you looking for a service to install your fence panels?*= () Yes () No

Where can one purchase plastic fence posts online?

You can purchase plastic (most likely vinyl) fence posts online from such websites as Buy Vinyl Fence, Buy Direct Vinyl Fence, Lowe's, Penn Fence and Home Depot.

Wooden Fence Posts?

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A straight fence is made from a horizontal wire held up by vertical posts 3 metres apart The fence is 12 metres long How many posts are there?

5 vertical posts are needed. I---I---I---I---I

How do you install a privacy fence on uneven ground around your yard to make the whole fence look even?

it takes experience but it can be done. you need to use a string line, just as you should have done when setting the posts.

What products can you make with steel?

fence posts

What is gypcrete fence posts?

dont buy them

How do you remove spray paint from a cedar fence?

You would be better off painting or staining over a cedar fence. It is very difficult to remove as it soaks into the wood.

How many 4 by 4 posts do need for twenty sections of fence?

21 posts.

Rahul is building a straight fence by stringing wire between posts 25 meters apart If the fence is 100 meters long how many posts?


Should fence posts be cemented in or gravel put in the holes ?

If you want your fence to last for a very long time I would definitely recommend cementing the posts in.

A rectangular yard 80 feet by 60 feet has a fence with a post on every corner and another post every five feet how many posts are needed for the entire fence?

56 posts are needed for the fence

How many posts 2m part are needed to fence a yard 20m by 12?

32 posts

How many fence posts needed to fence in 7 acres?

160post at 20 ft. apart

What is the best waterproofer for a cedar fence?

Most people don't recommend waterproofing for a cedar fence as it doesn't need it. If a waterproofer is used Thompsons Water Seal is the best brand.

Is it difficult to install a chain link fence?

I'd like to install a chain link fence around my property. Are they difficult to install?