How do you install fog lights on a vs commodore acclaim?

To install fog lights you need kit containing one set fog lights, wiring harness, relay with fuse and switch with internal light. I bought a mounting bar that bolts on behind number plate so as no holes in bumper. Attach mounting bar and lights to bar. locate on / off switch so it can be easily be reached by driver. Fog lights are wired through low beam of head lights. They should only work on low beam. Locate relay close to car battery. Relay allows a full 12 volts to lights so they operate at max power. Relay has four terminals No 30 power from battery positive No 87 fog lamps No 85 Earth No 86 switch Run dual cable from switch red and black. Red to 86 of relay black to power wire in head light harness(low beam). Solder black wire to wire in head light low beam and then tape bare wires.You will need test lamp to find correct wire in head light harness for low beam.When you screw relay to body of vehicle attach wire from 85 to screw and that will earth relay. Now for Fog. The lights probably have plastic backs. There will be two wires coming out of fogs lights check which one is earth ( not from globe the other one) and attach to good earth. Run other wire from globe to 87 on relay. Now run red wire from 30 to battery positive. When the switch you have installed is turned on and headlights are on low beam fog lights will turn on. The switch allows you to turn on fog light when needed. The head light harness is live even when light switch is turned off so make sure after you have used fog lights that you turn off switch you have installed. Make sure switch you have installed has light attached so if you do forget to turn off lights you will notice light in switch. Good luck