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How do you install games in Samsung E250 by usb cold?

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I finally succeeded in installing some java games to my Samsung E250 via bluetooth. I thought I would share the info on how I do it here because it seems to be a frequent unanswered question on various forums.

----> You will need a *.jad and a *.jar file for your game.

1) Download Softick PPP and Samsung Java Uploader.exe . Also JADmaker if required.

2) Install SoftickPPP . Set up your bluetooth COM ports in the SoftickPPP bluetooth/serial settings. leave them all ticked.

3)Just connect your phone to the computer via bluetooth or cable and check the tray icon of softick PPP .If it shows one device is connected then your phone is ready to install Java apllications otherwise,the port to which you connected your phone is not the port detected by the softick PPP software .Then you are supposed searchy for the port which is detected by the softick PPP software and connect it until it shows ex: 1device(s) connected

4) Enter *#52828378# on the phone to access the Java Test Menu. Choose OTA type setting, choose Serial bearer OTA. Click select. (This seems to need to be changed back to GPRS bearer OTA for Samsung PC Studio to connect)

5) Start SoftickPPP. Click on cancel for the missing USBPort.dll error message. Accept bluetooth connections for DUN and Serial connections on the phone.

6) Choose 'Activate PPP' by right clicking on the icon in the taskbar. Accept connections on phone again.

7) Start 'Uploader.exe' and then add the required jad file. Leave the program open.

8) If you are not still in the Java Test Menu then enter *#52828378# on the phone again. Select 'Serial test--->PPP Up--->Bluetooth' on phone then select 'Serial download'.A Java splash screen should appear with a progress bar showing the upload of the file. The game then starts automatically. There we go. It works i am using it ...

9)After that if u want to continue to install another application then enter *#52828378# on the phone again. Select 'Serial test--->Serial download'.A Java splash screen should appear with a progress bar showing the upload of the file. The game then starts automatically.

Link to download All softwares required to install Java apllications on the Samsung E250 is :

So just Enjoy this is

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