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When a head gasket fails it is almost ALWAYS because the head has warped. You'll need to pull off all peripherals that keep you from getting to the head. Remove the exhaust and intake manifolds, the rocker covers, rocker arm assemblies, pull the push rods and keep track of where they came from, then pull the heads. Examine the ledge at the top of the cylinder. If there is any wear in the cylinder wall, you might as well take the engine out and have it bored and rebuilt. If the cylinders are ok, Take the heads to a machine shop and have the head surface planed to make it flat again. While it's there, it might be good to have the valves and guides looked at. After you get the heads back, put everything back together in reverse order. You'll need to tighten the head bolts in a specific sequence to avoid warping the heads during assembly, but once it's together it should be pretty solid until it gets overheated again. You should be able to get the head bolt tightening sequence from the machine shop. If it's OHC or DOHC, you should probably have someone else do it if you've never seen it done before.

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Q: How do you install head gaskets on a 1992 Cadillac Seville?
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