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More information needed. Are we talking fixtures, supply piping, drain piping? Pipes in a slab floor, crawl space, basement? What kind of pipe galvanized, brass, copper, cast iron, pvc, polybutylene, pex, abs? Other than that simply said rip the old pipes out and put new ones in. In your case the lack of information implies that you have not much of an idea in what is entailed and I would recommend calling a licensed plumber.

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Q: How do you install new plumbing inside an existing home?
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What books are helpful for home DIY plumbing?

Before you take on any major projects, check your local plumbing codes. The Complete Guide to Home Plumbing Plumbing 1-2-3: Install, Upgrade, Repair, and Maintain Your Home's Plumbing System Basic Plumbing Advanced Plumbing: Pro Tips and Simple Steps Popular Mechanics Plumbing & Heating Plumbing : Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Projects Home Plumbing Projects

How is the plumbing useful?

plumbing is most useful for our home, because we need to make water supply in different part of a home like kitchen, toilet, bathroom etc. To supply the water at required places of a home, we have to install and connect pipeline system that whole process is called plumbing and this overall functionality is done by plumbing professional.

Moen Plumbing Fixtures?

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What is easy to install and inexpensive for a home network that use existing telephone lines?


Can you install a central air conditioner in an existing house?

Yes, a skilled professional would be able to install the proper duct work for central air conditioning in your existing home. Check in your area for a reputible business.

Can you shut off the cold water intake to hot water tank to stop a leak not in hot water tank?

Yes, but there still is all the water stored in the tank plus the water stored in the existing hot water lines throughout your home that will eventually leak out.If you intend to install a hot water heater (HWH) yourself and you do not have valves to isolate the existing plumbing then turn off your main water supply, drain the water from your home using the lowest level sink, then attach a hose to the bottom of the HWH and drain the tank. When you install the new HWH install new shutoff valves. (Hint: Check with your local city plumbing and see if an expansion tank is required.)

How much does it cost to get standard plumbing?

The cost of standard plumbing depends on the size of the home. A bigger home will require more plumbing and will, therefore, cost more. You will spend less for plumbing in a smaller home.

How handy do I have to be to install a sauna kit at home?

A suana installation is best done by a professionsal. You will need both plumbing and electricla knowledge.

You want to install shower in the basement tying into the main drain for the house should there be some kind of backflow preventer installed between the shower trap and the main line to prevent backup?

If the existing sewer line is lower than basement grade (does it go into the basement floor and out of the house?) you can just connect in to the existing drain. By code, sewer lines must have a slope of 1/4 inch per running foot, meaning that raw sewage will run AWAY from the main plumbing stack of the house. If the sewer line is ABOVE the level of the basement plumbing fixtures, you will need to purchase and install a pump check-valve, and tank to install any plumbing below the house sewer line. If you have any questions, contact a licensed plumber to find out the needs of your home.

Why do the pipes shake after the toilet is flush?

That is likely "air hammering" which plagues many home plumbing systems. A plumber can install a simple device that will control it.

What is a good book on how to complete home plumbing repairs?

Home Depot's Plumbing 1-2-3 is a great book on how to complete home plumbing self repairs. You can purchase a copy at or

How does home plumbing work?

Same as all other plumbing in civilized countries

How much does it cost to install a dishwasher in a new construction home It will need the plumbing and electric hook ups as well.?

NO less then $9,645 plus filing fees

PVC Gutters Install?

form_title=PVC Gutters Install form_header=10523 How would you best describe this gutter project?*= () Replace existing gutters () Repair existing gutters () Install new gutters where there are none Please specify how many stories there are in your home.*= () One story () Two stories () Three stories or more

Can you put a basement under an existing modular home?

It would be very complicated to install a basement under a preplaced modular home. It is possible but would be very costly.

Can you install a home sauna or will you need a contracter?

Whenever electrical or plumbing is involved you should get a contractor. Since a home sauna has both the answer is clear. Safety first! - you don't want to electricute or drown yourself.

Is it possible to install astroturf inside your home?

Yes, it is. However it would need a lot of maintenance

What is plumbing top out?

Plumbing top-out is the stage of plumbing that occurs when a home is in its frame stage. There are three stages of plumbing typically in construction. Plumbing rough (prior to the foundation being poured); plumbing topout (bringing ground plumbing up through the vents); plumbing trim (installing fixtures).

What DIY books are there on home plumbing?

DIY books on plumbing, Plumbing for Dummies, Do-it-yourself plumbing by max alth,Step-By-Step Guide Book 2 No. 2 Book, Home Plumbing by step-by-step guide book. Also, manuals and pamphlets can be found at any barnes and noble.

Where can one find information on plumbing as it pertains to home improvement?

You can find information on plumbing for home improvement in a variety of book. Check out your local bookstore or library to see what books on plumbing are available.

Is cast iron required on all 3 levels of a residential home even if the third floor has no plumbing fixtures?

No PVC is acceptable, you can join the new PVC piping into the existing Cast Iron.

How do you move a toilet to new location in a mobile home?

The toilet itself is easy to install but the plumbing would have to be rerouted by a professional. You just drill the floor and it's 2 bolts.

What tools does a do it yourself hobbyist need to install a home security system?

The tools you would require to install a home security home system yourself would be to have cctv cameras, locks and bolts inside and outside, motion detecting lights.

Why would a homeowner install CCTV cameras in their home?

A homeowner would install a Closed Caption TV camera to survey an area of his home on a video camera in real time and recorded. This is mainly for added security inside and outside of the home .

Shaw Carpet?

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