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Pre Work is the key and sometimes that is not enough sometimes luck is your best friend,If there is no access to get above,or if you are between floors, 1st it is best to know wich way the joists are running even then contractors but boards in for stronger support, they can be a problem themselves, 2nd use a stud finder to locate the joists you need to how to use this tool or have someone do it, who works with one a lot, I am sure you have an a plan where you want the lights to go, put electrial tape on the ceiling where you want the pots to go, then from the farthest distance use the stud finder to see how much wood will be in the way and start working toward the wall where the switch will be installed to control the lights, getting the wire from the ceiling down to the switch a lot of times you have to make a hole there. then you should have drill bit extensions to allow you to drill into the joists for the wire to be fished thru it is not uncommon for the bit and extenstion to get stuck in the joists and they are left up there. The goal is to go from pot to pot without putting holes in the ceiling, however it is not uncommon to have to make a hole, if you have plaster ceilings, you are going to make a mess, just a heads up, drywall can be fixed, if you have textured ceilings they can be matched a lot of times however the whole ceiling has to be repainted. One other item to remember is this is not a one hour job plan to be there quite a while just getting the wire from the pots to the wall could take hours. Depending on how many pots you are putting in sometimes it is eaiser to run two cables rather than one cable to the wall.

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Q: How do you install new pot lights without ripping the dry wall for wiring?
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