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How do you install the Network Operating Systems and server and which one is best for a network with less than 10 computers?

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2011-09-13 04:50:59

With a network that has less than 10 computers, you really don't

need a server. Installing network operatins systems is the same as

installing any operating system, insert the CD and install.

For a network with less than 10 computers, a peer to peer

networking topology would be the best.

Please note: This also depends on the function and usage of the

network. A architectural firm or chemical company may have

dedicated servers doing calculations, managing project data, and so

on. Many times these networks require one or multiple servers

dedicated to the task because the workstations just don't have the

computational power alone. Or because the project, project notes,

mark-ups, etc. must be managed in a way that permits multiple

changes to occur without an actual committed change. I

In short even networks of 10 or less computers may qualify for

the server-client topology if the type of workload you have in mind

requires heavy data processing, and workgroup management.

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