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This question makes no sense (need to know what vehicle) first of all ball joints do not have races neither inner or outer secondly there is generally no upper balljoints at all

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Q: How do you install the outer bearing race for upper and lower ball joints?
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What can your car shaking mean?

Earthquake? bad wheel bearing, tie rod inner or outer ball joints upper and lower

What is the grinding sound from the front of 1998 Plymouth Breeze that changes when the steering wheel is turned if it is not u-joints?

most likely it is a wheel bearing on its way out. If you turn left and the sound disappears, its most likely either going to be the outer bearing on the left wheel or the inner bearing on the right wheel. Sound disappearing when turning to the right is just the opposite: outer right, inner left. It can be both but not usually.

Where do you lube a 1996 Dodge stratus?

Check upper ball joints and outer tie rods.Check upper ball joints and outer tie rods.

2002 Lincoln ls raddles in the front end?

Raise the car up and check out the lower ball joints. You can grab the upper arm and if it rocks you need to replace the lower ball joints. Also look at the outer tie rods and suspension components

How do you replace vt commodore rear wheel bearing?

To replace a rear wheel bearing of a VT Commodore, remove the hub from the car and press it in and out. The bearing has an inner and outer seal. The inner seal has a magnet for the abs sensor. Make sure to install the new bearing before the abs will pick up a speed fault.

Diagram of grease fittings on 2001 silverado?

that vehicle has a total of 11 grease fittings. two upper ball joints two lower ball joints, two outer and two inner ball joints, two on the idler arm and one on the pitman arm.

What is bearing run out?

The accuracy between the inner and outer ring when running a radial bearing

What tools are needed to change a wheel bearing?

Bearing needs to be pressed old out and new pressed in. Cost about $40 to have it removed from auto shop. But you can install it by chilling (freezer) the replacement bearing overnight and then heat the hub (200 oven don't want to melt the inner bearing seal) and drive the new bearing in with a soft hammer or wood block. Don't forget the bearing seals innerfirst before the bearing and then outer after bearing is in. Best to remove hub and do it on a bench.

When braking your 90 F150 jumps a lot rotors need changed If so how do you do that cheers?

remove wheels from vehicle.remove 2 bolts, securing brake caliper. remove large nut that secures bearing on axle. remove bearing and rotorinstall new inner bearing and seal on new rotot.install new rotor on axle shaft. intall new outer bearinginstall large washer and axle nutinstall new brake pads in caliper.install caliper.replace wheelcontinue same method on all wheels.

How do you replace king pins on a 1969 Holden?

1969 Holden HT does not have king pins they have upper and lower arms with inner pivot bushes and outer ball joints

How do you find the bearing number of a ball bearing?

The bearing number can be checked out depends on the size of ID (Inner Diameter), OD (Outer Diameter) and H (Height) of this bearing.

How many wheel bearings are there in the nearside front wheel of a Sept 2004 Chrysler Crossfire and if two are they different sizes?

there are 2 wheel bearings on all wheels there is an inner and outer bearing the inner bearing being bigger that the outer bearing

How do you change the wheel bearings on 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo?

take off the wheel take off the caliper pop the dust cap off the center of the hub pull out the cotter pin from the castle nut remove the nut and washer behind it pull the hub/rotor assy off the spindle remove the outer wheel bearing and race if damaged turn rotor/hub over with a small flathead screwdriver, pry off the rear bearing seal pull out the inner bearing and remove race if damaged clean out all old wheel bearing grease and dirt/debris pack new wheel bearings PROPERLY with high temp bearing grease install new inner and outer races if required install inner bearing and replace bearing seal by gently and carefully tapping it in place with a small hammer flip hub over slide hub onto spindle slide new outer wheel bearing into center of hub slide washer onto spindle install nut tightening to the point that the rotor spins with some drag, but not excessive. install new cotter pin through hole in spindle and slot in the castle nut. you may have to loosen or tighten the nut a slight bit to line up the hole and slot properly. tap dust cap back o install caliper install wheel torque your lug nuts!!

How do you replace CV joints on 1996 Ford Aerostar?

The CV joints on a 1996 Ford Aerostar can be replaced by removing the nuts and bolts on the tires. Next, cotter pins, lower ball joints, and the outer joint will need to be removed. Then a pry bar can be placed between the transmission and the inner joint, which will make it easy to pull out.

Which is found in the outer ear and some joints where it acts as a cushion?


Where are the lub points on a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban?

Upper and lower ball joints (4). Inner and outer tie rod ends (4). Idler arm (2). Pitman arm (1).

What is a quill bearing?

A quill bearing is a bearing that instead of having roller bearings, it has long thin rollers shaped like a toothpick. They are commonly used in transmissions and power machinery. It is basically a "needle bearing". The bearing has a hard outer shell which is considered the outer race, a series of needle bearings inside the shell that usually ride directly on a hardened shaft, therefore not needing a inner race as a typical roller bearing has.

How do you change a agricultural wagon wheel bearing?

They may not all be the same, but in general - tap off the hub cap remove the split pin that goes throught the first nut you see undo the nut pull off the wheel complete with bearings pick out the inner race of the outer bearing with a suitable punch through the centre hole punch out the outer race of the inner bearing turn the wheel over and punch out the outer race of the outer bearing tap a new outer bearing outer race into place turn the wheel over and tap a new inner bearing outer race into place insert the inner bearing inner race into place put wheel onto axle put inner race of outer bearing into place screw the nut on tighten nut securely to push all bearings into place, then back off so that it's just slightly loose. Put split ping back Replace hub cap. But you may not need to replace all the bearings because they may not all have gone. Check what you need to buy first.

Which is harder in ball bearing inner race or outer race or ball?


Why is a front tire is wearing out on outer edge?

It is out of alignment or wheel bearing is loose.

The strong lower part of the mantle between the asthenosphere and the outer core?

the stronger lower part of the mantle between the asthenosphere and the outer core?

How do you install wheel bearings for 1992 Honda accord lx 4 dr manual trans with rear abs?

Both the front and rear wheel bearings need to be pressed out of the steering knuckle / hub assembly. As for the front bearings, you'll need to remove the steering knuckle, (part connected to upper and lower ball joints, and has hub attached) which is done by removing the axle nut, caliper, and detaching from upper and lower ball joints. (Use ball joint fork, try not to tar the boot, if torn its recommended to replace) After the knuckle is removed you need to find a way to prop it up so that the bearing can be pressed out from the back. I personally welded a jig from 3/8" square tubing but there are many ways this can be done. Just remember it needs to be sturdy enough to hold up to the press. Use a socket or piece of tubing wide enough to press the bearing from the outer race only as to not damage the old bearing. If your brakes could use a swap, now is the time BEFORE you press the new bearing in. The back bearings are along the same line. Questions or Comments:

How many cv joints does a 2007 Chrysler sebring 2.4 have?

It has two shafts that have an inner and outer joint each. That totals four CV joints.

How do you replace the Wheel Bearing Rear ford expedition?

Hub and Bearing Removal & Installation F-150, F-250 and Expedition The hub is part of the disc brake rotor and cannot be service separately. The inner and outer wheel bearing and races are serviced individually. Make sure to have a new hub grease seal when servicing the wheel bearings. 1. Raise and safely support the vehicle. 2. Remove the wheel and tire assembly. 3. Remove the disc brake caliper. 4. Remove the disc brake pads and-rattle clips. 5. Remove 2 anchor plate retaining bolts and remove the anchor plate. 6. Remove the hub grease cap, cotter pin, retainer washer and the spindle nut. 7. Remove the wheel bearing retainer washer and the outer wheel bearing. 8. Remove the disc brake hub and rotor assembly. 9. Using a suitable seal remover, remove and discard the hub grease seal. 10. Remove the inner wheel bearing. 11. Clean and inspect the wheel bearings and races for unusual wear or damage. Replace parts as necessary. 12. Inspect the hub and break rotor assembly. If required, the hub and brake rotor assembly must be replaced as a unit. To Install; 13. If needed, pack the wheel bearing with a suitable high temperature wheel bearing grease before assembly. 14. Install the inner wheel bearing in the hub and brake rotor assembly. 15. Install a new grease seal using a suitable installation tool. 16. Place the hub and rotor assembly on the wheel spindle and install the outer wheel bearing. 17. Install the retainer washer and spindle nut. 18. adjust the wheel bearing as follows; a. Torque the spindle nut to 17-24 ft. lbs. (23-34 Nm) while rotating the wheel and tire assembly to seat the wheel bearings. b. Back off the spindle nut no less than ½ turn. c. Torque the spindle nut to 17 inch lbs. (2 Nm). 19. Install the retaining washer so the castellation are aligned with the cotter pin hole. Install a new cotter pin. 20. Place the anchor plate and install 2 retaining bolts. Tighten the bolts to 125-168 ft. lbs. (170-230 Nm). 21. Install the brake pad anti-rattle clip and install the disc brake pads. 22. Install the disc brake caliper. 23. Install the wheel and tire assembly. Torque the lug nuts to 83-112 ft. lbs. (113-153 Nm). 24. Check the wheel and tire assembly for proper rotation, then install the grease cap. 25. Lower the vehicle. 26. Road test the vehicle and check for proper operation.

Why does the steering wheel shake violently in my ford focus?

You either have worn steering components like bad inner or outer tie rod ends, or worn lower ball joints. Sometimes a broken belt on a tire can cause shaking, but that's usually at lower speeds.