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How do you install the outer bearing race for upper and lower ball joints?


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2008-03-29 21:27:37
2008-03-29 21:27:37

This question makes no sense (need to know what vehicle) first of all ball joints do not have races neither inner or outer secondly there is generally no upper balljoints at all


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Earthquake? bad wheel bearing, tie rod inner or outer ball joints upper and lower

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most likely it is a wheel bearing on its way out. If you turn left and the sound disappears, its most likely either going to be the outer bearing on the left wheel or the inner bearing on the right wheel. Sound disappearing when turning to the right is just the opposite: outer right, inner left. It can be both but not usually.

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Check upper ball joints and outer tie rods.Check upper ball joints and outer tie rods.

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Raise the car up and check out the lower ball joints. You can grab the upper arm and if it rocks you need to replace the lower ball joints. Also look at the outer tie rods and suspension components

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To replace a rear wheel bearing of a VT Commodore, remove the hub from the car and press it in and out. The bearing has an inner and outer seal. The inner seal has a magnet for the abs sensor. Make sure to install the new bearing before the abs will pick up a speed fault.

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