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This question makes no sense (need to know what vehicle) first of all ball joints do not have races neither inner or outer secondly there is generally no upper balljoints at all

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Q: How do you install the outer bearing race for upper and lower ball joints?
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What can your car shaking mean?

Earthquake? bad wheel bearing, tie rod inner or outer ball joints upper and lower

Where do you lube a 1996 Dodge stratus?

Check upper ball joints and outer tie rods.Check upper ball joints and outer tie rods.

2002 Lincoln ls raddles in the front end?

Raise the car up and check out the lower ball joints. You can grab the upper arm and if it rocks you need to replace the lower ball joints. Also look at the outer tie rods and suspension components

What is the grinding sound from the front of 1998 Plymouth Breeze that changes when the steering wheel is turned if it is not u-joints?

most likely it is a wheel bearing on its way out. If you turn left and the sound disappears, its most likely either going to be the outer bearing on the left wheel or the inner bearing on the right wheel. Sound disappearing when turning to the right is just the opposite: outer right, inner left. It can be both but not usually.

What is bearing run out?

The accuracy between the inner and outer ring when running a radial bearing

How do you replace vt commodore rear wheel bearing?

To replace a rear wheel bearing of a VT Commodore, remove the hub from the car and press it in and out. The bearing has an inner and outer seal. The inner seal has a magnet for the abs sensor. Make sure to install the new bearing before the abs will pick up a speed fault.

Diagram of grease fittings on 2001 silverado?

that vehicle has a total of 11 grease fittings. two upper ball joints two lower ball joints, two outer and two inner ball joints, two on the idler arm and one on the pitman arm.

What tools are needed to change a wheel bearing?

Bearing needs to be pressed old out and new pressed in. Cost about $40 to have it removed from auto shop. But you can install it by chilling (freezer) the replacement bearing overnight and then heat the hub (200 oven don't want to melt the inner bearing seal) and drive the new bearing in with a soft hammer or wood block. Don't forget the bearing seals innerfirst before the bearing and then outer after bearing is in. Best to remove hub and do it on a bench.

How do you replace king pins on a 1969 Holden?

1969 Holden HT does not have king pins they have upper and lower arms with inner pivot bushes and outer ball joints

How do you find the bearing number of a ball bearing?

The bearing number can be checked out depends on the size of ID (Inner Diameter), OD (Outer Diameter) and H (Height) of this bearing.

How many wheel bearings are there in the nearside front wheel of a Sept 2004 Chrysler Crossfire and if two are they different sizes?

there are 2 wheel bearings on all wheels there is an inner and outer bearing the inner bearing being bigger that the outer bearing

Can outer race and inner race of bearing rotation relatively?

No. Either the inner, or outer, at least one race, has to be a press fit, otherwise it is no longer a bearing that is needed. A bushing would work. With both races turning you eliminate the bearing.

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