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a Whale of a good idea but its probably illegal.

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Q: How do you interface a computer with a high frequency radio trans receiver to transmit and receive text data?
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How do you listen to radio stations without an online stream?

It can get pretty complicated. You need a radio receiver, and you need to be close enough to the transmitter of the station you want to receive. Also, you need to know that station's transmit frequency, and tune your receiver to that frequency.

How does a wireless keyboard work?

Wireless keyboards are battery powered. The wireless keyboard uses radio waves to transmit signals between the keyboard and the receiver. The keyboard will transmit the signal to a receiver on the computer through the USB port.

What memories did the receiver or memories say he had to transmit to Jonas?

The Receiver had to transmit the memories he has within him, and all the memories from the past.

How do you find IF Frequency from RF Frequency?

Transmit RF frequency subtract to the Receive frequency

How does the receiver transmit memories to Jonas?

By telling him.

Why can waves with a very low frequency follow the earths surface Why are they not used for data transmission in computer networks?

"Very low frequency waves transmit through the earth's surface

What is the function of a transmitter?

it transmit the input signals to the receiver

How does a computer transmit data?

how do computers transmit

Does a high frequency wave transmit more energy than a low frequency wave?


Why is it difficult for a station on a 802.11 to transmit and listen to the channel at the same time?

If you transmit on the receive frequency , you would overload or "Block" the receiver since yours would be the strongest signal around. All transceiver's mute the receive circuit while transmitting and many share parts of the circuits between transmit and receive. (IF and Audio most common).

What is radio frequency receiver?

The definition of what it is, is actually in your question. It's a receiver that operates in the radio frequency spectrum. Anything that has a transmitter is said to transmit in radio frequency or `RF`. The term radio is short for radiotelegraphy, which has become generic over the years. Where does the radio frequency start? Technically, it' at 10,000 hz and higher. That's not to say that there's lower frequency transmitters (The U.S. Gov't uses 2 hz. to reach our submarines when they're under water, but that's more of an exception than the rule. The radio frequency spectrum can extend into the gigahertz range for things such as satellite communications, and as our technology advances, we could eventually see frequencies in the teraherts. So a radio frequency receiver is anything that will receive a a frequency in the radio frequency range. Hope this helps, Cubby

Why are waves of very low frequency not used for data transmission in computer networks?

Waves of very low frequency are not used for data transmission in computer networks because they may attenuate and fail to transmit data. However, sometimes such low frequency waves may be used if repeaters are installed along the transmission route.

What is the modulation of frequency?

"Frequency modulation" means that the frequency of a base wave is changed slightly, i.e. increased and decreased, to transmit information.

What does a cell phone transmit?

High frequency radio waves.

What are receiving devices in computer?

As the name suggest, a receiving device receives data that is transmitted by a sending device. Your wireless router and network access points are both senders and receivers. A receive-only device is one that receives but does not transmit. An RF receiver is an example of a receive-only device. E.g., a Freeview receiver can receive digital television transmissions but it does not transmit. A receiver is obviously not a computer in the traditional sense, but it does have microprocessors, memory and is re-programmable through firmware upgrades. It's primary purpose is to decode the transmissions it receives so, by any definition of the word, it is a computer.

Does a walkey talkey with frequency 462.55 MHz to 467.71 MHz would work in India?

It should work... just as long as a receiver is nearby with the same frequencies. Any radio will transmit anywhere. it's just that nobody will hear it unless they are on the same frequency and within hearing range.

How do you reduce noise by using modulation?

during modulation we transmit the signal with a carrier wave with a very high frequency (order of kHz's) high frequency signal will protect the original signal from noise interference as well as signal strength reduction. we use this signal after demodulation at receiver end.

What do understand by frequency modulation?

It means that there is a base wave, and that the frequency is changed to transmit a signal. For example, if you want to transmit a signal representing a 1000 Hz sound, the frequency of the base wave would be increased and decreased a thousand times in a second.

In GSM why the uplink frequency is greater than downlink frequency?

Because GSM work in multiplex mode it transmit and receive at the same time and if you use the same frequency the receiver section will receive the same signal that is transmitted, that is also why the frequencies is so far apart, is to prevent second channel interference so thatswhy bothfrequencyare different.

What will happen when you use a straight through cable to connect your computer to the fast ethernet interface of a router?

that depends. A router network interface is the same as a computer interface, so without a cross-over cable, your computer and router will both try to send data on the same pair of wires which doesn't work. But, some routers are smart enough to sense that data is arriving on the wrong pair of wires and it will automatically swap its transmit and receive paths to make it work. fm

How does a wireless microphone work?

They transmit in VHF or UHF radio frequency.

What is the purpose of the FM transmitter?

to transmit the input signal to the frequency modulator.

WHAT IS THE what is the Use of satellites in tv transmission?

it is used to transmit information from the provider to a requesting receiver.

How did the old receiver transmit the memory of snow to Jonas?

he puts his hands on jonas's back

Limitation of radio receiver?

Radio is limited by its own design. AM & FM bands are frequency transmitted as radio waves. However since earth is round waves travels directly they do not bend. So as a rule the higher the frequency the more direct they are FM frequency is considered as line of sight transmission AM will have more range since it operates at lower frequency. At very low frequency it is possible to transmit around the earth by using the ionosphere curvature