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How do you just get music onto your site?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-11 07:14:16

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If you're working with HTML, find a file on the internet you want to play on your background, and put this coding in there, obviously replacing URL:// with the address of your song. or that should do the trick! You can also find more codes and cool stuff online, Google HTML Help.

2006-09-11 07:14:16
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How do you put songs onto your computer?

You go onto a music site and download what music you like but you have to pay.

What is the site for music?

Download music legally and download iTunes onto your computer!!

Can you download music to ipod from mp3 music site?

you have to download it to a computer and then put it onto your i pod from there

How do you put TV shows onto your iPod?

just go on a site

Is there a site that shows music videos besides you tube?

yes,you can go onto My Space and watch videos there

What type of music is the can can?

Just go onto "Youtube" and look up "Can-Can".

How do you download music on to your ipod?

You go onto the apple site and download itunes then find your music through itunes, plug ipod in and sync it =D

How do you download music onto a kindle touch?

just go to the Internet and just press download

Is there a site that you can download music videos just as easily as you can download music on MySpace?

YouTube has a plethora of music videos posted throughout their site by their users.

Can I get sheet music online from this site (

Sure. You can get books of sheet music from this site (; just like you can other books and media.

How do you upload music onto audacity?

copy and paste your music onto a track

How do you download music to your phone?

Q. How do you download music to your phone of the Internet A. You Can Go Onto Websites Where You Can Download Music To Your Phone Just Type In "free music on your phone"

Is is posibble to get music from LimeWire onto an Itouch instead of just using itunes?


Can you download music onto your ds lite from your computer?

yes just go online

Can you copy just music from music videos?

Yes you can, if you want to download from youtube with music only in mp3 format, just got to a site called tunenabber and paste the URL of the music video.

why wont my music burn onto my cd's?

why wont my music burn onto my cd's??

How do you download music on the Alcatel One Touch Tribe mobile phone?

Go onto the internet with it if you can. Then download the music from the place you choose. A good free site is called Beemp3

How do you put music from itunes onto LimeWire?

You just have to point Limewire to the folder in which you are currently storing your music through the Limewire preferences.

Which colony did providence become part of?

Got no idea. Just go onto another site -.-

Creative zen 4gb just purchased does creative have a site to download music and videos or is there a better downloading site for this zen?

Use Zencast full of videos and music =]

Can you transfer your music onto Wii music?

No, but you can upload music from your SD card onto the photo channel. Hopefully they come out with a Wii music 2!

How do you download music from LimeWire onto the i-phone?

you just drag the song from limewire to itunes

How do you listen to music on the computer music and words?

You can go onto youtube, type in the ong and put lyrics at the end nd just click on on of them

Is it illegal for someone to sync music on to their ipod?

no actually it is just another way to get music onto a ipod,mp3,mp4,and cell phones

Can you add music to your youtube channel?

yes. on your video just go onto audioswap and choose one of their songs. to get your own music you have to go onto windows moviemaker and add it but it doesn't work for phone videos.