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Keep Blackbirds Away from Bird Feeders
  • My friend who is a member of the police department swat team uses an air rifle.
  • You could paint the feeders blue & red. This may not keep the black birds away, but it should draw more blue birds & cardinals. Bluebirds are very territorial and if you get enough of them, they might run the black birds off.
  • Use safflower seeds in the feeder, instead of corn or sunflower seeds. Blackbirds and sparrows don't like them, but cardinals do.

After feeding birds for 15 years, I can tell you that there is no successful way to keep the blackbirds away from your feeders. The best you can (which is better than the two ways above) is to invest in the feeders that only allow the small birds to eat. Some have weighted ledges and are designed to keep squirrels out, but also make it difficult for the heavier big birds. And some have a cage like apparatus around the feeder that allows the little birds to enter to the feeder but keep the big birds out. However, even this is only partially successful, because there will still be ground feeders and blackbirds that will come and sit hoping to figure out a way to eat your seed.

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Q: How do you keep black birds away from feeders in your yard and let the blue birds and cardinals eat?
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How do you keep birds away from your deck?

Place bird feeders on your property, but far away from your deck. You can also purchase holographic, crinkly ribbons that move in the wind and scare away birds to place on or near your deck.

How do you get rid of the cowbirds at a bird feeder that are keeping the other wild birds away?

Just scare it away OR you can build another bird feeder This is not an answer. We have several feeders and they fly to all of them and keep all the birds away. Obviously you're not an expert. According to the staff at WBU--stop using black oil sunflower seeds--in fact clean out the feeders to no smell or residue is left. I did this and almost all my cowbirds are gone. They are feeding on what they find that was left on the ground. I had dozens and now it is down to a couple every now and then

How do cardinal birds camouflage?

Male Cardinals do not use camouflage. The bright red color is meant to be an aggressive signal to stay away. Female Cardinals have muted colors and they can hide in trees, bushes and underbrush with like colors.

When was To Chase Away the Birds created?

To Chase Away the Birds was created in 1995.

What is unique or special about mockingbirds?

The mockingbird is well known for its ability to mimic the songs of other birds. Some birds can imitate up to more than 80 other birds songs, plus squeaky doors, even cell phone rings! Mockingbirds are very territorial, and will drive other species away from feeders, even if the mocker does not eat what is offered.

How do you keep squirrels away?

Squirrel feeders are one option for keeping squirrels away from bird feeders and other parts of the property.Specifically, squirrels really love nuts, especially those of the black walnut tree (Juglans nigra). It is possible to set up a feeder or feeding corner with a squirrel mix that is store-bought or homemade. Otherwise, it is difficult to keep squirrels away from a feeder or area of the property that has gotten their attention.

Why do birds fly away from you?

birds fly away from you because you scare them. don't you know that?

When was Birds Flying Away created?

Birds Flying Away was created in 2000-01.

What gray white and black bird chases other birds away from feeder?

Many birds fit that description. Most birds will chase away rivals, but a few are especially territorial. Northern Mockingbird- Can be very territorial, especially during nesting season. Will chase away birds, squirrels, and humans with hisses. Nuthatches- Mates will keep out other pairs in order to get the most food. Chickadees and Titmice- While small, a flock of these tiny birds will mob against a larger foe and drive it away.

Do birds fly away when in danger?

yes birds fly away when their in danger. They fly away because they want to avoid it.

How do you keep birds away from your balcony?

No I am not I like birds.

How do you keep birds away from your yard?

You can put up a scarecrow up to scare away the birds

How can you keep birds away from your fountain?

What you could do, is get something to scare them away, you could put the "thing" next to what you want birds to stay away from.

When was How Many Blue Birds Flew Away created?

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How soon to put out hummingbird feeders?

You should put out a bird feeder not so soon yet. You could wait until May so that the birds will actually come out and get seeds or whatever you may be putting out. If you put it out when it is very cold the seeds might become to solid. Try putting out your bird feeder in the mid and late spring and maybe some summer months. If this helped please be thankful because I am 9 yrs old when I posted this!

How do you keep squirlls away from your bird feeders?

you should probaly put a big glass fence around it

What is the job of detritus feeders?

It is to eat away at the kidney spores the bad ones to clean out the kidney when needed.

I really like birds. what are some things food. such as what seeds etc that i can use to attract native birds to my backyard?

Just wild bird mix. You can pick up a bag at your local Wal Mart or feed store. This will usually attract most birds. Many birds like black oil sunflower seeds, others like millet or corn. Some birds will perch on birdfeeders, others prefer more of a "platform" to perch on, others prefer to feed on the ground. Orioles are attracted to fruits. Hummingbirds drink nectar, and special hummingbird feeders are available. For woodpeckers and nuthatches, you can get a suet feeder.Black oil sunflower is number one. Nearly all feeder birds love these small sunflower seeds. Goldfinches, cardinals, evening grosbeaks, rose breasted grosbeaks, blue grosbeaks, indigo buntings, chickadees , titmice, nuthatches, woodpeckers, jays, sparrows, towhees, juncos and doves all will gorge on them. Purple and house finches, too.A:There are tons of things that birds are attracted to. I would recommend just a regualr bird seed mix. The mixes usually include millet, cracked corn, and sunflower seeds. On the other hand, orioles and hummingbirds will probably not eat your seed. Hummingbirds like special nectar in special hummingbird feeders. Orioles are attracted to more colorful things, like fruit. Also, woodpeckers and nuthatches prefer suet blocks. Nuthatches will eat your seed if there is no suet (and they espacially like peanuts), but woodpeckers WILL NOT eat the seed you put out. Sunflower, safflower, thistle, and nyjer seeds are a big favorite of birds. Especially the smaller ones, like chickadees, titmice, finches, and sparrows. Also, as another food choice, you could put out bread. Bread doesn't hurt backyard birds, only ducks and geese.Also, if you like bigger birds too, sometimes hawks visit bird feeders when there are tons of birds around to see if they can catch a quick snack in the confusion. With all the birds around, you can't blame it.Summer is a good time to feed birds because you get to see many colorful and beautiful birds in your backyard. But winter is the best time to feed them. Food is scarce during winter, so more birds will come to your feeder, like doves, blue jays, cardianls, and the smaller birds.Bird feeding can be irritaing, too. You must watch out for squirrels and grackles. We all know squirrels raid bird feeders. There are feeders that keep squirrels away. But did you know there are bird pests too? They're called grackles, and they swarm in flocks up north. The come in large quantities and eat large quantities of food. I usually scare them away when theyre all over my backyard.OK, I think that's everything you need to know about bird feeding. Bye! =D

Why are birds caged?

If birds aren't caged they'll fly away.

How do you keep robins away?

You can draw and cut, in cardboard or wood, the silhouette of a hawk or an owl, paint it in black and hang it from a high point. That will scare birds away, it is a method used at airfields with success.

How do you keep deer away from bird feeders?

Place the bird feeders out of reach of the deer, which means putting them up higher in the tree where deer can't reach, even if they try to rear up on their hindlegs to reach them.

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Do garden gazing balls scare away birds?

Garden gaing balls are desinged to scare away birds and other pest.

If there were ten birds on a fence and one was shot how many birds are left?

The answer is "none", all birds will fly away

What is the best way to keep cows away from deer feeders?

The best way and more sensible way to keep cows away from them is by putting a locking fence mechanism.