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How do you keep people from asking some of the dumbest questions ever read on WikiAnswers?


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We don't. People are free to ask any dumb questions they want to! Of course, the supervisors do go through the question list daily. We merge duplicate questions into one, trash questions that give out personal information, toss inappropriate questions into catch-all spots that give a pat answer while refusing to actually reply (see the related link), and edit grammatical errors and spelling. Many "dumb" questions are actually real questions written by children. It may seem dumb to you, but kids often do not know how to use the internet - they need to be taught how to use a search engine and where to find the information they need. They also do not realize that it is annoying to other website users when they ask silly questions because they are bored. These questions are usually answered with requests that the children use a blog or social network site for socialization.