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How do you keep the water clean in a freshwater fish tank?


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December 08, 2008 4:10PM

The best way to keep the water clean is to:

1. Make a water change about every 2-4 weeks. (I would buy an aquarium siphon to get the water out/ and you don't have to drain all the water you just have to take out 50% to 75% of it for it to be effective)

2. Purchase a filter and make sure you change the cartridge as frequently as the directions say.

3. If you wish you could purchase some live plants (they thrive on Nitrates and ammonia which are the chemicals that generally make your tank dirty)

4. You could feed your fish less food or less frequently (This is often times the most common problem since the fish food bottle usually tells you to feed more then needed)

If you still have problems you can always ask a local fish dealer or an employee at any general pet store such as Petco Petsmart or Petsupermarket. ____________________________________________________________ Above answer is correct with these few small additions/edits. First, never completely drain your tank of it's water. If your filter has two pads then alternate cleaning/replacing. Try not to do both at same time. Tanks fresh and salt contain good bacteria to help fight the bad bacteria and breakdown issues in the tank. Removing all the water, especially with a gravel vac, can reset your tanks cycle. Unless in emergency situations never take out more than 50% with 25% bi-weekly being the best. Also, limit the amount of lighting your tank receives. Algae like all plant life need light to flourish as well as nutrients in the water, primarily phosphates. Over feeding can provide these nutrients.