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you will have to keep the sample between 91 to 97 degrees= body temperature

keep it close to your body

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How long can urine last at room temperature for a drug test?

It shouldn't be at room temperature for more than 8 - 10 hours. Also, keep it out of direct sunlight.

How do you keep urine warm for a drug test?

hold it in your urethra

Can you keep urine and use for drug test?

if you do that the testers will find out

Where do you keep clean urine in case you have to take a drug test And how do you keep it warm?

I recommend gargling with it.

Best way to pass a drug test?

The best way to pass a drug test, If administered by collecting a Urine Sample, and knowing that your personal urine is dirty would be to First get Synthetic Urine, which is available at GNC or online. The most popular one is QuickFix Synthetic urine. Next step would be to get a small bottle with a temperature gauge, as you will want to keep the urine at or abovve body temp, NEVER BELOW! Keep the urine in the bottle, Put the urine in the cup, and voila.. Test Passed with flying colors. The synthetic urine is undetectable, so there is now ay of knowing that it's not yours.

How do you keep urine at body temperature?

You tape/strap it to ur inner thigh

What is the best way to store clean urine to pass a drug test?

To not do drugs and keep it in your bladder...

How long will baking soda keep your urine clean to pass drug test?

about 2 hours

What is the best way to keep pee warm for a drug test?

You do not have to keep it warm. All you have to do is give a fresh sample of urine for examination. They will provide you a sterile bottle to collect the urine. Rest is the responsibility of the the laboratory.

What temp does the nurse look for on a passing urine sample for a drug test?

exactly 98.6, No wiggle or tolerance as this is one of the ways they catch cheaters. If you are one of about 3% of the population that does not keep a 98.6 degree body temp, you can ask that the temperature be compared to your actual core temperature.

How do you heat up urine after refrigeration?

first of all keep the urine at room temperature at least for five minutes after refrigeration then do according the test require.

Is it possible to use someone else urine for drug test?

yes it is. as ling as the urine is less than 24 hours old it should be fine. the key here is to make sure they don't check temperature. if they are gonna test temp, just buy a hand warmer and keep it wrapped around whatever your storing the urine in. it works with synthetic urine (find at a headshop) as well.

How long will urine keep for?

How long will urine keep

How much urine do you need for drug testing?

Depending on the test used, 1-100 mL.Just a thought, but if you are researching ways to circumvent testing positive results on a drug test and you might be considering using urine from someone else, not a good idea. There is no convenient way to keep substitute urine at temperature, and the very first thing the testing facility will do is to test the temperature of the sample. Noting that it is either too warm or too cold, you will fail the test.So, get clean, stay clean. It is the only way you will reliably test negative.

How long can you keep urine in room temperature before home pregnancy test?

You are not suppose to "keep" your urine for pregnancy testing. You're suppose to urinate directly on the specified testing area located on the testing stick.

How many hours after the results of a failed drug test until its invalid?

some labs keep the urine frozen for up to one year but say it depends on what drug their tesetng for. They can keep it in the fridge for 1 week before it is discarded.

Can you heat up the container with the urine in it to keep it at body temperature?

Probably not without altering the specific gravity of the urine. They can pretty much tell if the sample isn't fresh.

Why is it important that the testicles be external?

To keep the right temperature. The sperms are depending on the right temp.

What 4 things the body has too keep at a constant level?

Temperature, water content, glucose and urine levels.

How do I pass my drug test tomorrow if I smoked marijuana for the past two weeks?

i keep a clean bottle of urine in the tank of my toilet in case my parents ever decide to drug test me

How do you pass DNA drug test?

There are ways to keep drugs from showing up in hair and urine test. However, the only way to pass a blood drug test is to not have taken any drugs.

How long will it take methadone to clean out of your system to pass a urine drug test?

Like many drugs the amount of time it takes before a particular drug is no longer detectable in urine depends on the quantity of drug taken "X" multiplied by the number of days of continuuous use "Y". Just to keep it simple the average person can ingest methadone ( usually by orally drinking it ) and produce a clean urine in 72 hours.

Why would a urine test from a probation department that has a temperature strip with a green dot to confirm show up as not being hot enough?

Human body temperature = approx. 96 degrees Fahrenheit , so urine should be in that range. The temperature strip is there to attempt to keep test takers from diluting their sample with faucet or toilet water or sneaking another person's urine into the specimen cup.

Does synthetic urine work for drug test?

Nope, not always. There are labs who are now testing for it, and it's not expensive for them to do so. It will be reported to your employer and you could lose the opportunity to get or keep a good job. Yes it will work as long as you have it in a bag that has a temperature reading on it. A lot of kits come with a battery powered heating kit that you store on your leg before drug testing.

How do you keep urine warm when having a urine test?