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How do you kill a witch?

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Fictional witches, are believed to be able to transform into owls. Normal bullets won't hurt them. Crossed bullets (bullets with a cross etched into them) however, are said to cause pain or death to these fictional witches. This mythos, would have you believe, witches are no joke. They are portrayed as deadly, fearless, cold blooded creatures.

By the way, these are dead witches from centuries back. Evil, pure demonic evil, they are fast and fly at night. Mexico is a perfect place for witches to go.

The historical witches of the Witch hunts, tended to be single disenfranchised people of an area, that lived outside of the "grace" of the Christian Church. The Inquisitions targeted heretics of all sorts, including, but not restricted to those accused of witchcraft. Many of the accused were not in fact practitioner. The Inquisition killed uncountable numbers of people, by torture, burning, drowning, drawing & quartering, flogging, crushing, dismemberment, and many forms of death too horrific to contemplate.

Modern day, real witches, are ordinary people. A witch can be either male or female, there is no gender specific name for us. FYI the word warlock is of Christian origin and was a derogatory term for someone (again male or female) who had broken their oath with God.

We tend to follow one of many spiritual paths which are generally, but not always, nature based. There are witches who practice without the spirituality, however, there are not as many of that kind of witches out there.

We are human, and no more evil or malicious than any other person on the planet. We die the same way anyone else dies, and it is murder to kill us.

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