How do you kill bedbugs?

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Please be clear you are asking about bedbugs and not about dust mites as it seems a lot of people on Wiki and elsewhere on the internet get confused between the two. They are totally different. Dust mites are harmless and can not be seen with the naked eye and everybody's bed has them. Bedbugs can be seen with the naked eye and give you nasty bites when you are asleep and leave nasty little red marks over where they have bitten you. Very few people ever have then in their bed. They are about the size of a small ant, and they are reddish brown and flat looking and they move about the same sped as an ant does.

Finding and killing bedbugs may take time and patience if you are unlucky enough to have a major infestation affecting your bed. But there are various ways of killing them. To find them you need to search your mattress and bedding. They like to hide crevices and cracks as well as inside your pillow case or in folds in your sheets as well as in furniture and other items near your bed including books. When you disturb one, such as when you make your bed or tidy your bedroom, it will hurry away to find a new hiding place so you may be able to vacuum it up, or else squash it with your thumb before it gets away.

It may however be much easier and more effective to spray your bed, bedding, mattress and everywhere around the bed thoroughly with an appropriate insecticide. But of this is where you sleep make sure you do not use an insecticide that is harmful to yourself when you breathe it in, if you are to continue to use that bed within 24 hours. If you do use an insecticide it is best to sleep somewhere else for several nights, and after spraying open the windows wide to get rid of the insecticide fumes from the bedroom. Also more than one spraying operation is usually necessary as the first time may not kill the lot.

If your mattress is heavily infested, if you can afford to, the best way to kill them is to take your mattress outside into the garden and burn it, But if you do so make sure you kill any bedbugs you see falling off while carrying it out through your home. Then you will need to buy a new mattress. If you think your bed linen such as sheets, pillow cases and blankets are infested you can kill them all in that by putting each in the microwave. It will only take about 30 seconds to kill the lot once inside a microwave. Then give the bed linen a boiling hot wash. But always keep a look out for unhatched eggs which look just like a grain of salt stuck to hard surfaces. If you find any, these need to be picked up with a vacuum cleaner and the bag emptied well outside your home.

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Q: How do you kill bedbugs?
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