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You must gear Thermo Glass.... Try this instead: The first time you visit the area where you battle The Fear, equip the Thermal Goggles and find and KILL at least 6 (six) Poison Dart Frogs. DO NOT EAT them, they are POISONOUS!! When you return to this area later, Use the CURE selection and remove that arrow in your leg; it's coated with poison! Use the SERUM to cure the poisoning. Now, go into your Backpack and un-equip all unnecessary weapons. Keep the MK22 Hush Puppy and the EZ Gun (Very Easy Mode). Equip all 6 Poison Dart Frogs. Use the Thermal Goggles and wear the Flecktarn Camo (If you have it) to prevent battery drain. Keep you eyes in the trees and watch out for traps! You can beat him by standing in one spot the whole time, however. The Fear has an impressive leaping ability and can fly from tree to tree from great distance. Shoot him while he stops to leap to another tree. You will be draining his stamina and he will soon get hungry. When he starts complaining that he needs food, quickly equip a Poison Dart Frog and toss it out in the open. He will automatically go for the tossed food for rather than forage for food. He will pick up the food and immediately state,"It's poison!" His Life Gauge will start flashing and he will start grunting, "Oh!" every so often. Quickly re-equip your gun and shoot him as soon as he gets ready to jump from tree to tree (you should be able to get in 3 good shots). Throw out another PDF and get ready to shoot him again. This time, shoot him as soon as he eats the food! He may just throw up! Keep repeating this process and The Fear will be easily defeated! Not to mention, he will leave behind his Spider Camo which has an impressive +70 (80%) camo index rendering you nearly invisible to enemies! The down side is, you will get hungry and have to eat twice as often as this Camo causes Stamina drain.

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In mgs4 Do you play as big bossnaked snake like in snake eater or do you play as snake solid snake like in mgs 1?

solid snake like in MGS1 but he is refered to Old Snake now.(He went through an accelerated ageing proccess

How do you change weapons in MGS snake eater 3d?

you can change weapons by touching the touch screen or just press right (->) on the D-pad (the arrows not the circle pad)

Are there 2 snakes in mgs?

actually there are 3 snakes in the mgs series: Solid Snake,Liquid Snake,and Solidus Snake. 4 if u count Big Boss

Who is solidus snake from the Mgs series?

Solidus Snake Might be Big Boss.

Can nicotine kill you?

60 mgs will kill you

How many mgs of heroin will kill a 8 year old?

how to hack a computer

Why does solid snake have a big scar on his face in mgs 4?

he has gotten really old during the war but the origins are unknown

What is MGS science?

There is no "field" of science with the acronym MGS. There are some science-related acronyms, including:mgs - milligrams (one-thousandths of a gram)MGS Missile Guidance SetMGS Metallurgical Grade SiliconMGS McMurdo Ground Station (Antarctica)MGS Marine Graphics SystemMGS Mat Ground SurfacingMGS Mobile GIS SystemMGS Micro-Gyroscopic SystemMgS Magnesium SulfideMGS Mud Gas Separator (oil engineering)MGS Mild Grade SteelMGS Mars Global SurveyorMGS Metal Gear Solid (action video game using a number of scientific themes)

Is it dangerous to take 50 mgs of seroquel with 110 mgs of methadone?

is it dangerousfor me to take 50 mgs of seroquel with 110 mgs of methadone

Will there be a metal gear solid 5?

Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be released on September 24th 2010 and will be the final game and the first game from the MGS series to be released on Xbox, (cause PS3 is better!) Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker is effectively a Sub-Series following Naked Snake or John who is Solid and Liquid Snakes genetic father on the PSP, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence (PS2) follow Naked Snake also.

Is MgS soluble?

MgS is a soluble salt.

What is half of 0.25 mgs?

0.125 mgs

What is Metal Gear solid 4 about?

It is about the main character solid snake trying to kill his his brother liquid who is controlling another main villain's body and to stop him from controlling an immense army by nanomachines inside them. I definitely recommend it for fans of shooters, stealth, and of the MGS series.

What does the abbreviation mgs stand for?

MGS stands for Metal Gear Solid. Metal Gear solid is a popular video game that features the character Solid Snake who is sort of a secret agent/gunfighter usually hunting down an evil group of some kind.

Is there going to be a Metal Gear Solid 5?

The creator of MGS 4 said that if there is then someone else would make it because he doesn't have any more Ideas. But if there is then it would proberly be before Snake dies (apperently he cells have been mutated in MGS 4 but I don't know due to not playing on MGS 4 yet), playing as Raiden or a Reboot of the entire series.

What is a binary molecular compound PCl5 MgS Agl or BeHCO3?

PCl5, MgS and Agl are binary compounds.

How do you grab enemies on mgs 2?

Unequip your weapons, grab with Triangle button, kill with rapidly pressing Triangle button)

How many mgs if Ambien will be safe to take?

100 mgs

What does 4.3 mgs equal?

4.3 mgs = 0.0043 grams.

What is MgS bond type?

It is ionic bond. Mg2+ + S2--------> MgS.

Is mgs soluble in water?

Yes MgS is a very soluble salt

How many mgs is in a ml?

100mgs is 1 ml

Will Christian Bale play solid snake in the mgs movie?

There is nothing official to confirm that. Many fans WANT him to be in the film. There is no word from him - he may not have been approached or anything.

Why is the formula for magnesium sulfide MgS?

The formula for magnesium sulfide is MgS. MgS would make the compound neutral, which is the goal for most elements.

In Metal Gear Solid 4 how does the foxdie in solid snake kill big boss?

Foxdie is a man made virus that targets victims with a certain genetic code. The code is programed before injected into a carrier and it kills people by stopping the heart, so it would be passed off as a heart attack. This it a great weapon for discreet assassinations. So the pentagon (or whoever was responsible for stopping the FOXHOUND revolt) injected it into Solid Snake and it was programed to kill FOXHOUND members. But Naomi ( Whom injected him with the virus) tweaked it so it would kill Snake. However, it was believed the Solid Snake was given Big Boss's superior genes, when he was actually given the recessive genes, so it killed Liquid Snake instead because he got the superior genes. So, when Big Boss met with Solid Snake in the end of MGS 4, foxdie killed him because his genetic code is the virus's target.

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