How do you know if a Muslim boy likes you in school?

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Even if a muslim boy did like you in school, he is unable to act upon it due to religious restraints.
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How do you know if a boy likes you if you have never spoken to him but you see him every day at school?

Answer . Some boys are just shy, but if he isn't he could simply smile at you or just say "hi" when he sees you. It isn't likely he's going to have too long a conversation with you because he may feel awkward.. Answer . \nIt doesn't matter if he likes you - - do you like him? If you like ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a boy at school likes you?

Generally, you can tell if a guy likes you. But, even if they don't fit any of the answers below, he can always change his mind. -When he is talking to you he will make it obvious that he knows your name. Ex: I have had a guy say my first name & last & ask how to pronounce it. -When a teacher ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a boy likes you if you like him?

Answer . nice question thoughts lol i think by making lots of eye contact by always trying to do something wit u try to not let him kno u lik him so u guys would hav more fun and romantic + flirty adventures even conversations!

How do you know if a boy likes you in primary school?

I'm going into 7th grade so I have has some experience. You can tell if a boy likes you if he tries to talk to you all of the time. Or is you have a phone he texts you all of the time. And if he asks what your doing 24/7

If you are a boy how do you know if another boy likes you?

Well, first decide if he's gay. If he talks funny, carries himself like a woman, keeps things tidy, likes to talk about clothing and nails, or is on the cheerleading squad, he's probably gay. Next, he will become your best friend and stay over all the time. He'll generally be wearing the least amoun ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a boy you like likes you?

A boy may stammer or blush when talking to various girls. I know this for a fact because I am a boy that is writing this right now. So I will tell you what I do with the girl I like, this will not be if you already have a boyfriend so get along with it. When ever I get out of a classroom and the ( Full Answer )

You like a boy at school but you don't know how to talk to him?

You could talk to a friend of his and ask about him. Or you could leave him a note somewhere you know he'll find it. You could also hang around him and his friends. The truth is: he's just a boy, and you can talk to him like you can talk to anyone else. If you can't find the words when you're around ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a middle school boy likes you?

there's are two things that might tell you that he likes you. i say might because there's no full proof way to tell unless he flat out tells you. but like i said about the two ways. in my case, when i liked a girl, one of two things happened. i either got really shy, or i did things i usually wouldn ( Full Answer )

You like this boy at school but how do you get him to like you?

You can get him to notice you. You can't necessarily get him to like you. Watch how the other girls get boys to notice them, and think about what's a good way to be noticed and what isn't. Some ways of getting noticed are cool and some are not. I say that u should just b yourself! -TADA1234

You love a boy at school how do you know he likes you back?

Wel i would say if you like a boy at school you can do a lot of stuff to find out if he likes you back like:. good points . He borrows something off you but he actually doesn't need anything, he just wants to talk to you! . He prefers to spend time with you at break than his m8's! . Hes abit n ( Full Answer )

You are a 15 year old boy at school there are lots of boys at school that you like but don't know if they are gay What do you do?

Have a go, but be careful, I am also 15 and gay. Do you want people to know your gay, I don't. . Sex is very 'fluid' at that age and even gay boys kiss girls on occasion. And as they further their own sexual discovery, they may seemingly, switch teams. 12-13 is often to early to 'call' it. Relax, b ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a boy at school loves you?

-He always looks at you and when you spot him, he turnes around or look in a diffrent direction. -He tryes to impress you. -He fallows you around(sometimes) -He kinda teases you(rarely), but not at the point that you will be very angry and sad, just like to get your attention or something l ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a middle school boy likes a middle school girl?

For one, all these answers didn't really help much with the question. They all ended up being like help me! But anyways if he likes you'll know. I understand where your coming from. Us girls, we always get so worked up about this topic. So saying that, it really shouldn't be this difficult, being mi ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a boy knows you like him?

I'm in exactly the same fix. The guy is on my bus, and I think he has caught me staring at him. If he has, and he doesn't like me, I'm dead. The truth is, I don't know. Depending on the kind of person he is, he might sneer and make fun of you - if he doesn't know what to do he'll avoid looking your ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a boy likes you if your in middle school and how can you tell if he does. Last year these 2 rumors spread that i liked the boy and kissed him but how do you know if he likes you?

if he likes you.....hmmm. well, it actually pretty simple I'm a guy and I'm in middle school. the guy usually doesn't know what to say every time he sees you he is basically speechless. also if he is the number one guy that cares about you and asks you if you need anything done for you he likes you, ( Full Answer )

Theres this boy in your school you really really like him but how do you know if he likes you back?

try to be with him the longest possible helping him out (either borrow him some money or something). If you feel he likes talking to u and sometimes helps u, then ur in the stage of being his friend. If ur in his class, try to be with him in every project and help him out a lot to show that u care. ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a middle school girl likes a middle school boy?

Different types of girls have different ways of showing it... and not showing it: 1. She will say hi to you often if she is very social. 2. Right when your eyes meet, she quickly turns away. 3. Her very close friends will say hi to you even if you don't know them well. 4. If you two are talk ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a boy likes you in middle school?

Dating in middle school can be hard. It takes time and cooperation from both people. The guy will either tell you or he will be very flirtatious. He will always try to spend time with you and will do anything to be with you. He may try to show off or be a class clown just to get your attention. ( Full Answer )

If the boy that you like knows that you like him what do you do?

Let him do what he wants to do about that. I let the guy I liked know that i liked him, and ended up sending a lot of time with him. Its not a bad thing, if they know then it makes it easier if they want to go out with you. But if they dont, then move on. seriously it doesnt mather unless u both wan ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a boy in middle school likes you?

Well I'm in 8th grade and when I like a girl I try to talk to her a lot. And most of the time my face gets all red or I get really nervous. You'll deffinitely be able to tell, and if you cant just casually ask his friends who he likes, or drop a hint... Do u like him?

How do you know if this boy at school loves you?

Usually there are three or more signes that a boy really likes you (trust me this kid likes me) ok 1. he will annoy you ex: peg you with erasers, throw stuff down your shirt , poke you every second you turn around... 2. he will ask you out eventually 3. he will always try to sit next to you or get i ( Full Answer )

How do you know if a high school boy likes you?

They constantly stare at you . Somtimes they try to act cool in front of you, like pick on his friends and pretend to be bigger than them . sometimes they pick on you even. . They try to get your attention . Try to impress you. -LalaLacy123

How do you know a middle school girl likes a middle school boy?

Girls are very good at giving hints. Alot of time in middle school, a girl will try to be your friend first. Maybe ask you for a pencil or an answer on your homework. Or if the girl texts you alot, and seems interested in what you are doing at the time, may be a hint she really likes you.

How do you know know if a boy likes you?

1. They smile at you 2. They annoy you 3. They send you cards 4. They smile at you for no reason 5. They want to be by you 6. They buy you presents for your birthday or any other special occasion 7. They sit with you in the bus 8. They act shy around you 9. They try to hold your hand ( Full Answer )

How do you know the boy you like likes you?

If a boy likes you he might stare a little. He might also act nervous. I have noticed that I try to be funny and really kind to girls, and i don't try to show off. I also keep a breath mint in my mouth to make my breath smell good. This is written by a 10th grader, yeah I know I am kinda young bu ( Full Answer )

How do you know if the boy you like knows you like him?

This is the internet age. Take advantage of it! You don't need to play any of these guessing games. There is a site called You create a secret list of who you like. They create their list. If there's a match (you like eachother), the website notifies both of you. If not, nobody ever kno ( Full Answer )

Why Muslim girls like Hindu boys?

It is not a rule. Many Muslim boys also in India may like Hindu girls. However, per Islam religion marriage rules, Muslim girls are allowed to get married to only Muslim boys or boy converts to Islam.

In high school if a boy you asked out says dont know what is the answer most likely to be?

It's more likely to be a no. They really don't want to hurt your feelings so they say I don't know and hold back. Once they feel they can say no (or yes) they will. Just wait for the right time. TIP: If you want to ask someone out, wait for the right time. Get to know that person so they will get c ( Full Answer )

Why non Muslim girls like Muslim boys?

Islam, is concerning for every Muslims to live healthy straightlife away from negative and Haram things. Islam and all Muslims knows that when Islam say's this is Haram andshouldn't be done, they all consider that this is for own benefit,such as : 1- no drinking, because it makes a person unconscio ( Full Answer )

How do you know if middle school boys like you?

Answer #1 I am in 8th grade and i am a guy when i talk to a girl i like i talk to them a lot during the day and try to after school and i make her laugh and tell her about me and then she will share something so if he talks to you a lot and try to make you laugh then he probably like you Ans ( Full Answer )

What do when you know a boy knows you like him?

you never know - he might like you back! try to find out and then go from there! yet if he starts teasing you, making fun of you etc. then just ignore him - he'll get over i soon enough, and although he may act differently for a while - inside he'll be flattered that you feel that way about him...

What do you do when you like the boy and he knows you like him?

you just don't make obvious flirts or ask him out. you get him to like u by hanging out with other friends and having a good time and he will realize he wants to have a good time with u so he will start paying more attention to u. flirt with other boys and don't like stare at him or pay a lot of att ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you're a Muslim and you like a Muslim teacher at school?

A: Whether you and your teacher are Muslim or, for that matter, members of any other religion, it is considered inappropriate for schoolchildren and their teachers to have any form of relationship, platonic or otherwise. It is common for schoolchildren to have secret crushes on their teachers. Lea ( Full Answer )

Why are muslim girls not allowed to like boys?

Who said so! They are just not allowed to have sex before marriage! _______________________________________________________________ Muslim girls are allowed to know boys, to talk to them, and to like them. However, they are not allowed to make any body contact with boys without licit declared mar ( Full Answer )