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How do you know if a boy is cheating on you?

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You know if you go online and he does not say anything to you or if you bring it up in a text message and he does not answer you then when you go online he does notsay a word to you. That is how you know if a boy is cheating on you. The above may not be true, he may be away, or forgot his cellphone somewhere. There is no fool-proof way to tell, does he avoid spending time with you when he has no reason to? or he says hes with a friend, and you ask that friend later, and he says they didn't hang out. Or you might notice him spending time with another girl more than you, etc.

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How do you know a boy is cheating on you?

ANSWER: When you say a boy, can you tell me how old this boy it? Maybe from there, we can figure out why he might be cheating..

How do you know when a teenage boy is cheating on you?

you he is cheating on you when he stares at another girls butt.

How do you know when a boy is cheating on you?

A boy cheating starts spending less time with you. He starts making more excuses that earlier.

How do you know if your boy friend is cheating?

If you think he's cheating and he has no time for you and he is always busy yup he is cheatin.

How can you catch your boy friend cheating?

flloow him wher he goes chanes are he will be cheating if does not know you are there

Is liking another boy cheating?

Not really - one can have many friends and like those friends equally. That should not be construed as cheating in anybody's method of thinking. I think if you like someone and you have a boyfriend that your boyfriend will know or that the boy you like will know or something..... P.S Don't cheat, cheating is bad!!!

How do you know when a boy is no longer interested in you if he has plenty friends?

if he doesn't call you. or avoids you. he is cheating on you.

What part of speech is cheating?

verb: He was cheating adjective: He was a cheating student.

What happens if a boy you are going out with is cheating on you?

If you know for sure and have proof he is cheating on you then you need to move on and dump him. Find somebody that cares for you as much as you do for them and cheating should not happen again. Don't rely on a friend telling you he is cheating, you need to see it for yourself to be certain.

How do you live with a cheating wife?

Talk to her about it does she know you know she is cheating ?

How do you let go quickly?

you can let go of relationship if that boy or girl is cheating. but it always ends up that the boy is cheating

My boy friend always asking me if im cheating why do i do?

if my bf was cheating i would dump his sorry butt. if hes 2 stupid 2 know that ur the best its his lost.

If a boy stays out is he cheating?

He is most likely to be cheating if he is staying out late nights

What do you do if your friend tells you your boy friend is cheating?

first , i must conform if he is cheating or no , if i conform he is really cheating i will forget him .

How do you know your girlfriends cheating on you?

I know your girlfriend is cheating on you bc she has no time for you

How do i know he cheated?

The only way to know for sure a person has cheated is to see it with your own eyes. You can also ask the boy and see if he will admit to cheating.

Who do you know that your boyfriend is not cheating on you?

ok plz tel me how do you know if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

Is Vanessa Hudgens cheating on Zac Efron with Corbin Bleu?

No she was cheating on a boy and Zac found out

How do you find out if a boy is cheating on you?

if he never goes out with you or makes up some silly excuse (like ballet lessons) that you know he wouldn't do.

How do you know if a boy is cheatin on you?

if a boy is cheating on you, he will ignore you most of the time, he will not want to talk to you, he will do his best to avoid you & if not check is text messages/phone calls & you'll find out... - GOODLUCK! :P

How do you know if you are cheating?

you will know if your cheating when you are dating someone and dating someone else at the same time.

Does selanagomez know justinbieber is cheating?

Justin Bieber is not cheating on her.

How do you convince your girl your not cheating?

Try, I don't know, NOT CHEATING.

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