How do you know if a dog has a cold?

YOU DON'T. You should take him to your Vet or at least call. It could be a number of things ie, Upper Respritory, some type of Alergy etc. The Vet will likely want to see him.

a dog the weezes most likely is a reverse sneeze and isn't anything at all but a sneeze, to get rid of a stray cat one way is not to feed him and make sure hes not getting into the garbage and soon enough he should be gone.

Unfortunately, to determine precisely what is wrong, one would need to consult a veterinarian, who would examine your dog. This professional can tell you what to look for and will examine for any other possible causes that you may not be able to do on your own, will make sure there is no pneumonia or something that requires specific treatment or medication. Are your dog's gums a healthy pink color, is he acting lethargic? Consider atleast calling your vet on the phone. You owe it to your loving companion. One vet told me that dog's like people do get colds and often it is nothing to worry about but occasionally there is a need for medical intervention, just like people. As for stray cats, consider calling the local animal no-kill shelter for advice or even the SPCA. Rather than just wanting the stray to 'go away', wouldn't you rather know it's someplace safe, without risk of disease or getting made into road pizza by a passing car? These places can help you get a 'safe trap' for the cat. It encloses them inside a cage but does not harm it. Often they will ask for a deposit and then when you give the cage back they give you the deposit back. You can then bring the cat to the shelter of your choice where it has a chance of receiving proper medical care and a better life. Good luck!

one way or other if it didn't start at the beginning of allergy season and you just bathed him/her then i would assume it would be on the cold side...Mopey and not really active and eye goop are another tip...My Peke i usually know when its a cold or allergy...this time it is full blown cold with eye crust and the whole nine step would be to see if it has gone into infection...So off to the vet we will go and have his urine checked amongst other things...Peke's have no large nasal passage so I can determine the difference between his all this started after his bathing and peke's are known to get colds and become lethargic along with it...And if you change all the necessary Filters in your house cleaned really well get out as much dust as you can...we all know that is impossible then you can eliminate things...having a cat you just never elminate that dander but cleaning and washing him and having rugs cleaned will help to answer some questions...We all love our pets so we go the distance for them...Have a great day :O)Hope all turns out ok

If your dog is sleepy or not barking, or sneezing, You should know that your dog is suffering from cold.