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Ask her out. That is the best thing you could do. If she says yes, great -- you never know. She could be waiting for you to do something. But hurry up because she may not wait for long.


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well try to find out through maybe her friends if she likes you? but if you are best friends, maybe you dont want to ruin the friendship, unless you are really in love with her. --from a girl

Explain the situation to her, tell her how you feel about her and hope for the best that's all you really can do. Good luck!

If a good looking girl likes you then you need to communicate with the girl and ask her out on a date.

Well She's Your Really Good Friend I Don't Know Whaat You Think Buut I Think It Means She Likes You .

not necesarily.... They could be really good friends, or they could be lesbian. There are other stuff too, like they could be bisexual (a girl or guy who likes both guys and girls) transgender (simply put, a girl who wants to be a guy or vice versa) lesbian (a girl who likes other girls). They could be undecided. Or they could be straight, just really good friends.

that means that he is lying and he really likes you but he dosent want to admit it. or he is winking at you as a joke. maby you should get one of his good friends to ask him if he likes you

If you suspect that a girl likes you then try to talk to her. Or another good thing to do is if you are friends try to hang out with her.

he likes a girl that wants to have fun and he likes funny girls also he likes a good laugh with his girl friends . Jacob is trying to find the write girl.

it means they are really good friends or the guy likes her. i would say that the guy likes her.

either she likes you or you're very good friends.

Well If your really good friends with the guy. And he tells you about the girl he likes you should just tell him the truth.

if your good friends and she smiles whenever she sees you, that's a good indicator

well first off all that depends on how good of friends u were with the other girl..and if u are good friends with the girl then that is considered betraying..and if a guy really has to get at an exs friend then he is just desperate.

when she give you the wink then you are in with a change good luck.

It's simple really.ok if the girl says she likes u really loud or just loud enough so u an hear then thats a good sign.if she looks at u alot then thats good also.if she walks faster whenever both of u r walking down the hall then thats good 2.if she talks to u alot and flirts with u or if she never talks to u thats really good.In middle you can tell if a girl likes you easily. The girl will usually talk to you, smile, tell you she likes you, tell her friends she likes you or write you letters.

Hi, I am a boy with quite a lot of dating experience and normally, if you are really in love with her and you are flirty and complimentary etc, she will be into you and will tell all her friends! Girls never like boys who her friends don't approve of so, you should try to be friends with her friends and then tell them that you really like the girl, they will definitely tell her so you will be in with more of a chance! Once you have told her friends you can ask them I she likes you, if you are really close to her friends then they should tell you!! Girls are obsessed with relationships and the opposite sex just as much as us lads! Good luck mate.

take advise from a guy well if you like him you should try to be friends with him and ask who he likes and he will tell you but you have to be good friends

Do you think she likes you? well if you think she likes you try to ask her out but if you don't think she likes you very much, just wait awhile. PS: I think she likes you it always ends up that way

Depends on who the girl is. Sometimes if she is good friends with you she will do it to play around. But if you two arent really good friends and she is like a girlie girl then yes she probable does

It most likely means she likes you. Or maybe she thinks you like her, or your really good friends.

It means she ether really likes you or she thinks of you as a really good friend

If you really like a girl and you two are really good friends you should try and move on because you don't want to ruin your friendship.

It is always very good to date with girls who you like as good friends and make sure that the girl likes and cares for you to.

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