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How do you know if a guy is just using you?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-13 02:30:50

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If a guy is using you then he must be ignoring you a lot and putting you to the side of things and all he wants is sex. sometimes if a guy is using you then he would be acting nice to you with a kind of fake smile buying you flowers and other things.If you see him talking to his friends on the phone a lot that means hes talking about you and how he uses you.Before you jump to any conclusions ak him if he loves you. You are most likely being used by a guyif every time you talk to him he needs something. For example if hefrequenlty asks you for money,transportation, etc..and then you dont hear from him again until the next time he needs something then that means he's only using you.

2007-06-13 02:30:50
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Q: How do you know if a guy is just using you?
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When dating a guy how do you know that he really likes you and not using you?

you just have to trust him

How do you know if a guy is just using you to prove hes not gay?

The only way to know is for him to tell you.

When a guy dumps his girlfriend for you then goes back out with her what does this mean?

It means he was just using you to get a break from his girlfriend. I know that for a fact because that just happened to me.

How do you know when a guy is using you?

when he pressures u

How do you know if a guy likes you or just playing you?

You ask the guy.

How do you know you choose the right guy?

You just know.

How do you know if the guy is only using you?

then break up with him

How can you tell a guy you dont know you like him?

If you don't know you like a guy, it means that you just don't like him or you just friends. If you like him you should know.

What do you do when a guy flirts?

I just talk to the guy and just try to get to know him to see..what of type of things he be on

If a guy sits really close to you does he like you or just want to know you better?

He likes you. No guy just wants to get to know random girls.

How do you know if he's the perfect guy for you?

You'll just know.

How do you know he is a skater guy?

If he is often seen using a skateboard.

What do you do if you know a guy is hitting a girl but only hear it?

Just to let you know I don't know this girl who is being hit or the guy who is hitting her all I know is they live close ( I won't say how close) and that I am thinking that if I see it I confront him without using violoence in front of her. Cause I want her to know that I am not like that.

How do you tell if a guy you don't know likes you?

You can't really know until you know him For all you know he could just be a very friendly guy

This guy uses his friend who is a girl but she really likes him and she wants to know what to do?

Either:Tell him - if he's just a friend then it's not that bad of a loss.Get over him: He's using the girl, why want a guy like that? It'll just end in heartbreak...

Would a guy cuddle with you and kiss you when he thought you were sleeping if he was just using you for sex?

Guys are weird. They often don't know what they really want in a relationship.

How do you know when a guy is just looking for sex?

if he has a penis

How do you know if a guy is really gay?

Just ask

Why do friends of a guy make noise when you pass by them?

Maybe that guy likes you, and they know about it and are just snickering. Or maybe they just like you.

How you know if you are in love with a guy that are with?

You just know. Things that you do tell you and sometimes tells him

How can you tell when your guy is using you?

its how they talk and look into there eyes and they will just blurt it out

What does that mean if the guy I like doesn't want me to know he likes me?

It depends if this guy knows that you like him. If he doesnt know then he likes you and he just doesnt want u to know that he likes u just to be safe!

How do you know when a guy likes you if he comes over to your house?

I dont know excactly but i have guy friends over a lot but if he comes over just to be with you alone, then he probably likes you. If you dont know just ask him. :-)

How do you know when a guy uses you?

If you feel that he is using you, then he probably is. Go with your gut on this one. Also ask friends about this and see what they say, just make sure they that you can trust them.

What does it mean if a guy who likes you dreams about you?

i dont know really but i do know if you like a guy if you cant talk to him just write a note