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If a guy misses you, it will be OBVIOUS he misses you. He will call you, make excuses to call you, make excuses to hang out with you, etc. If he says that it might work out later, it depends on what his current situation is. If he is with another person, it means that he's not into you and is into the other person. If he is single, it means that either a)he wants time to himself or b)he wants to date other girls. Regardless, if a guy is interested in being with you, he would beg you to be with him right now. He would not be able to handle you being with someone else or out there alone. Move on is my best advice. It will be for the better... oh, and don't call him (it will make you seem desperate). You deserve BETTER, so stop wondering. Delete his photos and delete his number and find a guy that will treat you like a queen.

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Q: How do you know if a guy misses you after you break up and what does it mean if he says it might work out later?
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