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If a guy misses you, it will be OBVIOUS he misses you. He will call you, make excuses to call you, make excuses to hang out with you, etc. If he says that it might work out later, it depends on what his current situation is. If he is with another person, it means that he's not into you and is into the other person. If he is single, it means that either a)he wants time to himself or b)he wants to date other girls. Regardless, if a guy is interested in being with you, he would beg you to be with him right now. He would not be able to handle you being with someone else or out there alone. Move on is my best advice. It will be for the better... oh, and don't call him (it will make you seem desperate). You deserve BETTER, so stop wondering. Delete his photos and delete his number and find a guy that will treat you like a queen.

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How do you know when a boy you like misses you?

He will probably be really excited and maybe blush when he sees you. He might also say hi to you a lot.

How do you know if girl you like might break up with her boyfriend?

if she might break up with you then you know because they are dazed out into space, singing to themselves, and being mean a little. so dump them

How do you know when your boyfriend misses you?

You will know when your boyfriend misses you. If he calls text or try's every opportunity to see you he's not stalking you he just wants to be with you.

What to do when your friend misses her sister?

Comfort her have her talk to you about it, I don't know why she misses her or anything so this is kind of hard

How do you know your ex misses you?

Ask him oxx...

Why does he say he still misses you after two years?

The reason he still misses you is either he wishes he would not have broken up with you. He says he misses you because he really does or he says he misses you as a means of manipulating you. You know him best. You tell me.

Will Danielle and Liam break up?

i doubt it(: but they might you never know

What are some signs that your ex boyfriend misses you?

he will text you or call you for some dumb reason. Or he will ask about to to people you know. Sometimes he will follow you to see how you are handling the break up

How do you know if you popped an eye vessel?

if u have red stuff in your might not hurt at first but it might later

How do you know if a parakeet is sad?

because it misses its friend and family

How do you know a guy misses you when he does not say it?

when his going out with another girl

How do I know if my Baby Father misses me I left him if he won't show it or admit it We have gone back and forth for 13 years?

you pretty much dont really know if he misses you or not, but im not with my baby daddy either and i can tell that he misses me because he always be trying to make me jealous.

How long can it take for a man to let you know if he likes you or not?

Depending on the kind of guy he is, he might tell you the moment he realises he fancies you, a day later, a week later, months later or even infinite later, in other words he might never tell you.

Did Sasuke ever betrayed maudara Uchiha?

Poor wording.Not that we know of, but he might later on. :)

How do you know your hymen broke?

If you've had a penis inside you are no longer a virgin. If you put other things in it will break. It might hurt, it might not. it might bleed, it might not. You can also ask a gyno.

What does let you know mean?

To let means to allow, and know means to obtain understanding. This is just a phrase to mean "allow you to understand" - you might say "I'll let you know later" and mean "I will tell you at a later time"

Is it bad to break up when you don't know if you love her?

Know whether you love her or not before you break up because you might break up the if you find you actually love her then you might have lost her forever! - You're my boyfriend aren't you? Don't ask wikianswers if you should break up with me! Look inside your heart and ask yourself how you truly feel about me, without putting into consideration the other things you are doing.

Is Kate missing Jon?

Kate said she "misses the Jon she used to know"

How do you know he will break up with her?

You can certainly know by his behavior. If he is same as he was before it might be the case that he does not want breakup . If he is a bit different and reluctant then he might want breakup.

Do ghosts know they are dead?

actually a ghost might think it is still alive,others know they are dead you can ask a ghost if they think they are alive or dead. if they say they are alive you can explain to them they are dead. they might not believe you but they might find out later. :)

I know someone i like but i heard through his sister that he's got gf will i be able to break them apart?

You know, they say what goes around comes around. What if you manage to break them up - isn't there a chance that he might break up with you for someone else down the line?

My girlfriend misses her ex. What should I do?

Maybe you need a break. Tell her to call you when she gets her feelings straightened out. It's not fair to you to be with someone who lets you know that she misses the last guy she was with. She is immature. She needs time to get over her old boyfriend. If she can't then maybe you should move on. You deserve to spend time with someone who isn't pining for someone else.

How do you if your ex misses you?

You may feel very good when you get to know that your ex misses you because this is human nature to make her feel that you were the one who loved her truly and now she repents that she left you.

Cat misses you?

OH YES! a cat will feel lonly and sad,i should know......

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