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Depending on how good an actor he is, you may not know. You might try to suggest that you move to his home instead of him coming here and see what he says, this might give you the answer you need. Or suggest that you wait a while to see how the relationship progresses, if he truly loves you he will wait, if not he will lose interest and move on. You would feel it in your heart. He would do and say things that assure you that you are not a free ticket to America. He would prove to you that you are very important to you and be making steps to insure a future for the two of you. Has he brought any of his money here and put it in a joint account. Do you know lots about his past and family. What is he doing to bring funds in for the two of you. Has he made any major purchases to make your lives more comfortable. If you are in his future he would be doing things now, not just waiting for a visa. ==Answer from Bandalerro== You Don't Know!! I'm a guy and there is really no way of telling, it will have to be a risk you take. It all depends on how much you

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How do you know that your girlfriend really loves you?

just ask her

How do you no if your boyfriend loves you?

you'll just have to trust him <3 and if he really loves you he wont let you go and he'll prove it that he loves you

You want a relationship with your boyfriend you just am not sure if you love him anymore?

just love him back .He for sure loves you.

He says he loves you like his best friend?

He really doesnt mean it. Ha actually really likes you he is just too nervous to tell you that he really loves you!<3

What does Harry Styles loves cats mean?

Basically, Harry Styles just really loves cats.

Does a girl have to be skinny for a boy to like her?

No not really because if he really loves you he will love you just the way you are.

Why does everyone hate country music?

not everyone hates country music. really, do people come here and ask stupid questions just to get a kick...

How do you know when a guy loves a girl?

Probably if he is just a true gentleman and he is just really sweet to you. :)

When my yorkie gets out loose on me he just runs the neighborhood won't come went called?

to me your dog isnted tamed enough to come when called or if it really loves it woudnt run away in the first place

How can you tell if he really loves you?

i dont think there is any 1 way to tell if he really loves you or not. Me and my boyfriend have broken up 2 times and we are now back togather for a 3rd. I just have 2 believe that this is all a part of being in love and i really do blame myself for every fight that we have had and are going to have. If he really loves you then he will tell you when he feels like you love him to. And if he really really loves you then he will marry you!!! i hope this helped if not just ask again.............. <3 ya millions, Rachel

How do you tell if a guy is really in love with you?

If a guy really loves you, he will do anything for you. Anything. Just like, if you really love him, you will do anything for him.

What country do coffee come from?

there is not just one country

How can you tell if your boyfriend really means it when he says he loves you?

ACTIONS....not just words!!

How tell if someone really loves you?

When they will do ANTYHING just to keep a smile on your face

What does an oenophile really enjoy?

An Oenophile just simply loves to drink wine!

How do you know if your best friend really loves you?

Just go ahead and ask...

How do you make your boyfriend want you?

Well if he really loves you, you can just be yourself. Or you can just strait up be easy for him.....

Does mai Fear Azula More Than She Loves Zuko?

yes she really loves zuko and fears azula just a little bit cause she fights really good too

How do you know if the guy really loves you or he is just used to you?

well if the person really loves you he will often tell you sweet things , but if he doesn't really love you i think that the person will treat you more as a friend than a girlfriend or wife?

How do you get back the love of your life?

If she/he really loves you no effort should be exerted you just have to wait.

How can we know that the person loves you?

that is npt really a question that can be answered... you should just know..

What does it mean when your boyfriend looks you in the eyes and just stares?

He really loves ya girl (:

How can a girl love when she doesn't love you?

A girl loves whoever she really really likes...and does not pick just happens. Maybe it's just not meant to be you.

Is it hard to get older girls to like you?

no honey if you really love her go after her and if she loves you she will come too you at the same time you coming to her. just teel her how you feel and maybe she will feeel the same way

Does it mean he loves you if he kinda jokes that he hates you and his friend says he loves you?

Well... if his friend is really close to him then he really loves you, but if he is not, based to personal experience if he jokes around about hating you then he just loves you and wants to kiss you so try out the advise and tell me. Hi thanks for the help you were right he asked me out the other day but i said no cos i already have a boyfriend. And now me and him are just good friends but i think he still loves me.