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How do you know if a guy really loves you and you are not just a visa for him to come and live in your country?

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February 26, 2007 4:52PM

Depending on how good an actor he is, you may not know. You

might try to suggest that you move to his home instead of him

coming here and see what he says, this might give you the answer

you need. Or suggest that you wait a while to see how the

relationship progresses, if he truly loves you he will wait, if not

he will lose interest and move on. You would feel it in your heart.

He would do and say things that assure you that you are not a free

ticket to America. He would prove to you that you are very

important to you and be making steps to insure a future for the two

of you. Has he brought any of his money here and put it in a joint

account. Do you know lots about his past and family. What is he

doing to bring funds in for the two of you. Has he made any major

purchases to make your lives more comfortable. If you are in his

future he would be doing things now, not just waiting for a visa.

==Answer from Bandalerro== You Don't Know!! I'm a guy and there is

really no way of telling, it will have to be a risk you take. It

all depends on how much you

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