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How do you know if a teenage guy likes you?


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To me, I can always tell if a teenage guys likes you when he flirts a lot, flips his hair, and stretches. Hope this helps


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If he smiles at you a lot and is sweeter to you than before then he likes you.

You may know if the guy likes you when texting if he says he does.

Flirt, that's the best, hang out or if your really not shy, ask him out.

If a guy likes you but you don't know him he may look at you or walk by you whenever possible.

iam in love with this guy but i do not know if he likes me or some other girl

go to this website

You know when a guy likes you when he asks you out and shows a shine to you

The only way to know 100% if a guy likes you is to ask him. If he doesn't show it, there is no way to know.

You will know when a guy likes you when he always wants to be with you puts his arm around you or if he says anything about your clothes

if a guy likes you he will: smile at you, stare, talk/hang out a lot, he will try to get to know you. hope this helps.

Not sure how you expect someone to magically know something.

It is ok to like a guy after you know he likes you. That is perfectly normal and a part of life.

The only sure fire why to know, is to ask her. You could try going off of body language, like if she stares at you or smiles at you. But you'll never know until you ask.

his eyes will open wider if he likes it

No matter what the star sign if a guy likes you you'll know by either him telling you or making it blatantly obvious that he does.

It depends if this guy knows that you like him. If he doesnt know then he likes you and he just doesnt want u to know that he likes u just to be safe!

It depends on the guy. If he likes big girls, he likes big girls. If he like small girls, he likes small girls

Yes, because if he likes you he will most likely watch you a lot, and he will notice another guy doing the same

You will know if a guy likes you because he will ask you alot of questions and he will try to get to know you better,but don't think that just because he talks to you that he likes you,make sure that they are the right person!!!

a guy likes you when he looks at you a lot and smiles at you (sometimes he will stare at you) If you know he likes you kiss him in private and tell him the truth.

what I do is just kind of talk about what he likes or just be funny because a guy likes a sense of humor.

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