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How do you know if laboratory mouse is sick?

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If a laboratory mouse is sick, they may be lethargic or refuse to eat. They may also have diarrhea or discharge from their eyes and nose.

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How get to laboratory in mouse-hunt?

you catch a ninja mouse in the mountains to have the map to Burroughs laboratory

Will a mouse kill another mouse if sick?

No, but due to the nature of mice to cuddle up when asleep, the other mouse will get sick as well.

Scientific name of white mouse?

Mus Musculus Domesticus - laboratory/pet mouse Rattus Norvegicus Domesticus - Laboratory/fancy rat

What the scientific names of the laboratory animals?


Can a mouse get sick?


Do you know about Care and handling of microbiology laboratory animals?

A laboratory mouse is one of the most used animals when it comes to experiment and research. Right handling and care is required for the quality of science. Laboratory animals can be also treated as pets.

Can your pet mouse get you sick?


Will a mouse eat another sick mouse?

Possibly, yes. They occasionally canniblize.

What is the scientific name for the laboratory mouse?

Several different types of mouse are used in laboratory research (e.g., the spiny mouse, the deer mouse, etc.) but the most commonly used mouse is Mus musculus, the house mouse. This is the typical white lab mouse envisioned by most. The naming system for particular inbred or genetically modified mice is complex, but the genus and species are typically the same.

Can your mouse get sick from your hamster?

yes hamsters and mice are very close to the sames thing so is your hamster is sick most likely your mouse will get sick and vise versa sorry about that I hope this helps

How many chromosomes in a mices cell?

There is some variation based on species of mouse. Laboratory mouse has 40 while a deer mouse has 48 as examples.

Can eating something a mouse came into contact with make you sick?

It is not obligatory if the mouse was not infected.

What are some laboratory do?

I don't know what a "laboratory do" is.

Can mouse eat pizza?

You shouldn't feed pizza to a mouse, it has a lot of fat in it and it can make it sick.

Will a male mouse eat mouse babies?

Mouse parents will eat their pups if they are sick, there are too many, or for a variety of other reasons.

Is it ok for your mouse to eat her bedding?

No he/she mite get sick

Can an adult get sick from eating mouse droppings?


Can you get strep B from a sick mouse?

gross but yes

How do know if a moues is pregnant?

you will never know if a mouse is pregant ! you will never know if a mouse is pregant ! you will never know if a mouse is pregant !

How do you know if a baby mouse is a mouse?

Is the mother a mouse? Is the father a mouse? Then yes, it is a mouse.

Do mouse eat chocolate?

no because they will get sick they eat noodles

How do you safely euthanize a sick mouse at home?

rock it in the grill

Is your mouse sick if she is losing hair around her nose?


How can you tell a baby mouse that its sick?

I'm sure he already knows he's sick, if not break it to him very gently

An animal know as a meek?

mouse mouse