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How do you know if she is a vergin?


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2011-06-10 12:31:42
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*virgin* you cant she has to tell you

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You are if you've never had sexual intercourse.

If you had coitus with her, she's not a vergin anymore!

i think she is a vergin

There is no way to know unless he tells you. Same rules for a girl.

Well when you have sex for the first time you have to go through some thin skin and it will tear

No because i'f people ask you are you a vergin you say yes because you never had sex in your life and i'f they ask you again are you a vergin and you say no that means you did have sex in your life.... it's kinda like the opposite

how is anyone but carlos supposed to know that, like really that was one of the strangest questions I've heard or seen

David Ernest Vergin has written: 'A guide to New Testament study' -- subject(s): Bible, Study and teaching

he falls in love with her and then she tells them they cant do it (sex) because she is a vergin so they just become freinds or enimies

No, I very much doubt it.

No Trevor Hoyt took care of that

If your a virgin that means you never had sex before.

A virgin is someone who has not had sexual intercourse yet.

yes i do like vergin pina coladas


No. He has even said so multiple times. This is a fact(:

Miley is not is not a virgin sry to burst ur bubble

obviously.. he's only what? 4..actually, he's 19 to be exact! you are off by 15 years!!ps-u, the person who asked the question, u spelled vergin wrong, it's s'posed to be spelled: Virgin!

a bouncy ball its a bouncy ball called a superball

the people who are a vergin are maria, kelly kelly, john cena(maybe), and carlito

The likely word is virgin (unspoiled, untouched, or someone not yet sexually active).

Athena was never in a relationship. She was Zeus's' favorite child. she was the only vergin child

what happen if the cherry dont popno you would still be a vergin

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